Daylight Losings

Without my trusty phone, I would have been lost. Waking too early, I couldn’t remember whether to add or subtract an hour from the bedside clock. We were away when the time changed. I thought that was a good thing, because we changed time zones so frequently that I was never disoriented. There was no comparison to “yesterday this would have been three o’clock.” I simply consulted the phone and went on. We began our trip in Eastern Daylight time and subsequently went through Central Daylight, Mountain Daylight, Arizona never changing time, Mountain Standard, Central Standard, and back to Eastern Standard. There was nothing standard about our clocks at home. Electric ones were off an hour, and wind-ups showed when they died.

The first time I woke, it was pitch dark. When the alarm rang, the first thing I did was look out the door, reaching with my eyes to see the mountain. I might have imagined the ridge line, but I could almost feel it out there, waiting for me.

I had stayed up way too late, and the photo shows the way my sneakers landed. Don’t they look eager to walk? We had two long walks on the three-week trip, and my shoes and I were eager to get back in the rut.

Shoes say "Let's go!"
Shoes say “Let’s go!”

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