Murder on the Deck

I was right there and heard it happen. I saw a bird flying across the deck, and THUMP! It hit the side of the house. Not seeing anything, I jumped up and opened the sliding glass door. The poor nuthatch was sitting on the deck, so I kept as still as possible. His body leaned way over, then he righted himself. I thought he had lockjaw when he opened his beak and didn’t close it. He listed to the other side, still with his beak open. I withdrew as slowly and quietly as possible, not wanting to scare him even more. Every once in a while I stretched my neck over the computer, only to see his body there, as still as could be. I was greatly pleased when I looked out and saw nothing where he had been. Evidently he was able to gather himself together and fly off.

The deck plants also had a tough time of it during the night. I woke to see the pots left for dead on the deck. There was no great wind that we heard, so I’m wondering if the baby raccoon neighbor Bob saw a few days ago was the marauder. There was no clue left behind – a mystery, for sure.

Pots decked by intruder
Pots decked by intruder

Lastly, I was facing the deck when I must have hit something on the computer that brought up the Dell webcam program. It mesmerized me, lured me in, if you will. There were all sorts of silly effects beckoning, each one more far fetched than the last. I posed with the jail bars but couldn’t find how to snap the photo. There was no mystery, really. I’d switched hands to use the mouse and forgot to think mirror image-ly. The result? Judge for yourself. I was alive and well, but I looked like death warmed over. E-jail is not for me!

Anne in e-jail
Anne in e-jail

My hair is not pink, and I was wearing purple.

14 thoughts on “Murder on the Deck

              1. I’m very anal about bathrooms to begin with. So yes I’ve had issues at other people’s homes but luckily it was family when they were chuckling at my expense.


  1. I didn’t know we had that view until spring when we took down the curtains that insulated the glass! We took down five tall trees and replaced them with five short ones. I’ve had my computer desk there ever since and love to share the view.


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