Hot and Cold

There were days before we left on vacation that it was too cool for us to eat on the porch. I would remember that fact, not the numbers related to temperature. We packed both light and heavy clothes, including a winter coat for me. I used everything I took! In Oklahoma the temperature was 90 degrees in the afternoon, and in Colorado we woke to 19 degrees.

The morning after we got back to NC, I found the temperature broken. Well, maybe the weather wasn’t broken, but the little thermometer we’d hung on the bedroom deck was lying face down. In a way, it was a relief because it never worked properly. The silly thing often registered 20 degrees colder or hotter than it should have been. I would work up to a good shiver and discover the outside air was really warm enough to shed a sweater.

Perhaps we got used to colder weather, or maybe our walk to the creek warmed us from the inside. We had breakfast on the porch. It was a bit shocking to look at the garden, which was green when we left. All the green had disappeared. I missed everything except the leaves on the wicked wisteria. I rejoiced in the bare branches which have now quit reaching out for everything in sight.

Amy came over to visit, and we talked to our hearts’ content. I hadn’t started the clock, so we couldn’t see it and feel guilty about being together as long as we wanted. When she left, we found a box of mail on the porch. The post office held our mail, so there was three week’s worth sitting there. I couldn’t resist weighing it. I was going to lug the box into the bathroom, but it was much easier to bring the scale to the box. The weight? 22.4 pounds! I suspect Christmas catalogs accounted for 20 pounds.

The sun was shining on a cloud on top of the mountain, and Amy commented on it. The white looked like snow. I ran for the camera, thinking a photo would be my rebuttal to the question of which is better, the Rockies or the Smokies. Unfortunately, by the time I snapped the picture, the sun had slipped, and the un-snow was not as dramatic as it had been two minutes before. You can probably tell that my heart leans toward the Smokies.

Mountain capped with un-snow
Mountain capped with un-snow

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