What do I Miss from New York?

I have missed family and friends from New York since we moved. There was one other thing I missed that only came to light during dinner. Chris and Steve invited Nancy and Ken over for dinner so we could visit with them. They were friends from our church on Long Island and moved to the same town in South Carolina about the same time Chris and Steve did. We figured they were going to the same church, and so they were! They became friends there.

111415 Ken Nancy Blekicki
Ken and Nancy

As Nancy talked animatedly, I realized I really missed the Long Island accent. How good and natural it sounded! Nancy was a stitch and a half, telling stories in her rapid-fire manner. To me she looked a bit like Diane Keaton, so imagine Diane with a Long Island accent in a series of comedy skits. She had us laughing loudly all evening. Ken’s speech was more deliberate and practical in a down to earth way. It was marvelous to reconnect with them for a full evening.

Our niece Barbara came in with her college daughter Amanda and friend Kylie. They were tired from their own outing in Charleston and whisked themselves off to bed. I may be mistaken, but I had the feeling we old fogies had more stamina than they did.

Chris, Barbara, Kylie, Amanda
Chris, Barbara, Kylie, Amanda

One thought on “What do I Miss from New York?

  1. Catching up with old friends is always precious. And have to agree with you about Nancy and Diane Keaton! I’m sure she gets stopped all the time.

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