Spanish Moss

Our friend Al thought we moved to an area where Spanish moss grew on trees. We told him a year ago that would be further south. I hadn’t thought about it again until I spotted some moss draped on a tree beside the interstate in South Carolina. Thankfully I kept talking about it when it counted. There was a tree in Charleston covered with the airy stuff, and I took a photo of it in case we didn’t see more up close. There was lots of it along the road, but you couldn’t just stop the car and steal some. After we came back from our walking tour of Charleston, Chris pointed out lots of the moss hanging from a tree near their garage and offered it to us. I hadn’t noticed it there. She fetched a stepladder, and John cut some down.

111415 Chris holds ladder for JC cutting moss.JPG


We thought a plastic bag would be best to take the moss in the car.

Chris holds the bag for John
Chris holds the bag for John

The next day Steve asked how we planned to get the moss to Al in New York.

I said, “I’m going to tell him he has to come down to get it himself. That’s because we’d love to have him visit again.”

We don’t think it would be such a hard sell to get Karen to return, thus the pitch to him.

I didn’t think to ask Al why he wanted the moss.  What do people usually do with it?

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