Can You Break a Toe on an Exercise Bicycle?

If anyone could break a toe using an exercise bicycle, it’s yours truly. After all, I’m the one who fell off Lise’s stationery bike. No bones were broken, but I had massive bruises that decency forbade me to show off proudly.

The present tale began on Thanksgiving Day when my brother brought his exercise bicycle for me to use. I was thrilled to have it. We put it on the screened porch where I could use it on days that were not fit for walking outside. Recently I used it when Lise went out there to smoke. I thought I could chat with her, but the fan part was a little too noisy. There was a pro and a con. I could improve my health while she damaged hers – not exactly fair.

An aside: Lise told me what happened when she smoked at my dad’s house. He had quit smoking decades before, but he loved the smell of cigarette smoke. He actively encouraged her bad habit by saying, “Come on out and smoke. I’m not going to begin again, but I want to use your second-hand smoke.”

My over eagerness backfired. I had walked to the creek, but I decided I’d rev up my brain between bouts of backups on the computer. I’m rather paranoid about losing files and photos, so once a month everything is copied to flash drives and an external drive. It’s best to take a break so I don’t get confused. I was out there for the third time when my foot slipped off the pedal. Wham! It hit something quite solid, a bar that you might use to pick up the machine. A second later the right handlebar jumped off. Son $ came outside to smoke, finding me entwined in the bike, muttering about a broken toe and trying to see how to put the bike back together. He couldn’t fix it, either, so I came back inside to do something fun – write about my toe, which by then had quit hurting. A big toe jutting out at an odd angle would have made a much more exciting story.

120515 Broken bike on the floor.JPG

A week later on a warm afternoon I looked at the bicycle again.  $ was on the right track.  John came out and tightened a nut for me, and the bike was ready to ride.  It still loosens itself, so I’ll have to tighten it every five minutes while pedaling.

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