Neighbor Shawn told us 5-year-old Logan asked to come over to our house every day. We said it was fine, and a few days later the doorbell rang. Enter one cute little whirlwind. As I talked to him, John slipped in the kitchen to remove the M&M’s. We normally keep nuts and candies on the counter, but Logan is not allowed sweets right now. Within ten seconds he was on tiptoe, trying to see what was in the dish. I poured out some cashews for him. If he were disappointed, he didn’t show it.

John commented on the horses running down the pasture, lifting Logan to look out the window. He streaked toward the back door, asking to go out. While I was outside with Logan, John finished putting boxes in the attic and pushed the ladder back up. We laughed later at all that might have happened if the boy had spied that ladder. Meanwhile, Logan and I talked to the horses. Without thinking, I turned to pick him up. It has probably been 15 years since I picked up a child. Logan isn’t heavy, but for a moment I didn’t think he’d make it up on my hip. How embarrassing to get old without noticing!

Back in the house, I wondered if Shawn knew Logan was with us. I texted her that we were enjoying him. The boy requested Curious George, which he had seen on our TV set once before. We knew we didn’t have a DVD of it, but we did find a channel with children’s programming. I took a quick photo of this man-in-the-making. Logan was wielding the remote like a pro. Are male children born knowing how to use a remote?

120915 Logan with remote.JPG

We don’t know if Logan decided to leave because he was tired or because he finished all the nuts. In any case, he announced he was leaving. I watched until I saw his front door open and close, knowing he was safely home. When I sat down to write about our whirlwind visit, it occurred to me that we might be living the cartoon strip Dennis the Menace. We are an old couple being visited by a young neighbor. I resemble George’s wife, and Logan would be Dennis without the irritating qualities. John doesn’t quite fit as George, because he loves talking and playing with children. Give us a few years. We might become crotchety in time.

7 thoughts on “Whirlwind

    1. We’re out from Asheville NC, near Waynesville. Dennis the Menace cartoons are in the Asheville newspaper. I had been reading a paper with no comics in NY, so I was thrilled to find they come with this territory. We love living in the mountains for many reasons.


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