A New York Sunday

We missed seeing Nathaniel because he was involved in a fencing tournament all day. He was too tired to go to the Baroque concert with us, but we picked him up to have breakfast with us before church. I got a quick picture of the brothers as they goofed around in the parking lot.

122015 David N.JPG
David and Nathaniel

There were many things we enjoyed at our former church. Best of all was seeing friends we’d known for donkey’s years. It was wonderful to have a service where the whole liturgy was sung intact.


We ate lunch with Barbara and Thom at a fun restaurant before dropping Nathaniel off at home.

122015 Thom squishes Nathaniel
Thom squishing Nathaniel
122015 BA J D
Barbara, John, and David








We were early getting to the city and walked to Rockefeller Center. It was an obstacle course! Imagine exiting an arena where you’ve just seen popular teams play a game, and you’ll know how many people were swarming the streets there in mid-town. It would have taken a long and patient time to get to the skating rink. I took a shot from the edge, and we worked our way to the main entrance to take a photo.

122015 Rockefeller ice rink
Rockefeller ice rink
122015 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree
Rockefeller Center








We had not been into St. Patrick’s cathedral since it was cleaned. We joined the throngs moving into the church. It had always been crowded at this time of year, but this was unreal.

I swear you can see anything in NY. A man was maneuvering near us, and he was holding a pizza box. He said to his companion, “I had no idea a service would be going on.”

I’m positi122015 St Patrick side sectionve the two of them were planning to have a quiet picnic in the pews!!!! As it was, almost every seat was taken. I took a shot in the side aisle where monitors showed what was going on at the high altar. I’m not sure if the noise I heard was loud tourists or contemporary music in the main part of the church.

I assumed we were going to a regular evensong at St. Thomas, but John knew it was the classic English service of lessons and carols. What a worship treat! Because the service is so popular, they did it twice on Sunday and will repeat it on Christmas Eve. Although we were quite early, all the center aisle seats were taken. We walked to the front of the church and around the front to take excellent seats in the fifth row. Ushers scoured the pews for empty places. The church was packed, every available place taken. Some of the descants probably went over our heads, but we’ll be able to hear them by streaming the service on the computer.

You aren’t allowed to take photos before or during a service, but others were posing after it. I persuaded John and David to step up to show people we were there. We shook the hand of the main pastor who was wishing everyone “Happy Christmas.” From that you’ll deduce he was from England. He responded to John’s telling him he listens to most services from our home in NC. As David shook his hand, he said, “Nice tie.”

122015 David John at St Thomas

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