Family Visit and Christmas Music

Sister-in-law Barbara and Thom had reserved a whole day for us, and what a day it was! We talked and laughed non-stop. Barbara, always super-efficient, set out a lovely lunch, and they chose a Spanish restaurant for our evening meal. I hope I can be forgiven my lie. I told the singer I enjoyed her music, when I was really looking forward to the Baroque concert we went to. Believe me, musicians need all the encouragement they can get! I figured my words should have come from a real fan who wouldn’t think to compliment her.’


121915 Thom John Barbara David.JPG
Thom, John, Barbara, and David

From listening to John’s vast collection of Christmas music, I knew nearly all the selections for the evening. The musicians were among New York’s finest, and they seemed to truly enjoy singing and playing for us.


121915 LI Baroque Ensemble.JPG
Long Island Baroque Ensemble

This year they had the usual clown perform after the intermission. He did goofy things like pretending to use the bald head of the flutist as a mirror. He danced in the aisle, pulling up a woman from the audience to dance with him. John heard the story later, that she had a total knee replacement two months ago. She had a quick panic attack, thinking she couldn’t participate, but she was thrilled to find she could twirl freely. She went home with renewed confidence in herself.

David was on the aisle and wasn’t surprised that the clown used him as an assistant. He held the parts of the pole as the man added sections under a twirling plate. I got a shot or so, but Barbara used her phone to get a short video.



One of the great parts of the evening came during the wine and cheese reception following the concert. For some reason, the singers did not perform a round written for them. In the past, the new round would be sung, and the composers would be recognized. The woman who organizes the group handed out the music to everyone who could read music. She divided us into six parts, and we sight read it with ease while standing at the buffet table. I happened to be standing next to the cellist who had a rich baritone voice. It’s not often that members of an audience have a chance to perform and get a free souvenir to take home.

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