Nothing Like Family

Brother Bob and Beth joined grandsons David and Nathaniel, son $, and us for a post-Christmas visit. What fun we had! We ate the leftovers from Christmas Day and were so full we had to wait until later to have dessert.

122815 $ N D JC Beth Bob.JPG

The weather was still so warm that we spent time on the back porch. Bob adjusted the seat on the exercise bicycle he had given me, and John $ had an axe to grind. Nathaniel watched $ sharpen it as David rode the bike.

122815 Bob adjusting seat.JPG

122815 D $ with axe to grind, N.JPG

Young Logan, the whirlwind, came to visit. I hid the candy on the counter as John opened the door. Beth and Bob were glad to meet him, having seen his picture often. We mostly sat in our comfortable chairs and watched him spin about. There was a new toy we’d gotten for the house, a yellow car powered by a balloon. In no time, Logan learned to hold his finger over the balloon before releasing the car on the floor. David and Nathaniel played hide and seek with Logan, a first for us in this house. We were batting balloons about when neighbor Bob came to fetch his son.

122815 Logan blows balloon for car.JPG

We were finally ready for dessert and flamed the Christmas pudding.

122815 N D Christmas Pudding.JPG

The next day we checked out the swollen creek and went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit. The mountains never disappoint us.

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