Musical Mayonnaise Jars

What a dream I had! I voluntarily pumped gas into a car so that strangers could get to New York. As they pulled out, I watched the driver playing music with his feet. Instead of organ pedals, he was playing mayonnaise jars, Hellmann’s mayo, to be exact. Two of the jars were open. It must have been a Bach Toccata and Fugue, the way those jars were flying about. He ended with a flourish – karate chops to his legs for the final notes. I was satisfied with the performance, even though I hadn’t heard any musical notes at all. That was as bad as all my dreams of food, where I put things in my mouth and chew without tasting a thing.

Does anyone else have sensory perceptions missing in dreams? If not, it must mean I’m losing my senses.

4 thoughts on “Musical Mayonnaise Jars

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