A Morning in the Mountains

Grandson Nathaniel chose a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway as our last activity before he flew home. The brothers enjoyed the scenery and each other. As always, the mountains performed beautifully.

010216 N and D.JPG

After an unseasonably warm debut, winter turned down the heat. Icicles decorated the roadway. For the four of us who had spent much of our lives on Long Island, this was a rare treat.

010216 Icicles.JPG

Nathaniel posed with his prize ice weapon, brandishing it until his hand froze. With a mighty heave, he threw it over the cliff. David and I waited to hear it land below, but to our surprise, it broke into three pieces in midair. That was as good as a cartoon “POOF”.

010216 N poses with icicle.JPG

David’s weapon was a camera, and he turned it on me! He shot me in cold blood! At least, I was cold when I got back in the car.

010216 D N lying on the mountain.JPG

Nathaniel performed two tasks before we drove to the airport. He wound the grandmother clock, which is something he used to do all the time when he was with us in NY.

010216 N winds gmother clock.JPG

The other ritual was lowering the mirror. I was cleaning house before he came the first time, and I hung the mirror on an existing hanger to get it off the floor. There were many items still unhung at that point. John and I laughed at it, saying only Nathaniel could use it. Since then, we always hang it high before he comes, and he returns it to a normal height as he leaves.

010216 N lowers mirror.JPG

5 thoughts on “A Morning in the Mountains

  1. Same as with out where you’re out the unseasonably warm weather is departing – not quit icicle temperatures yet but they forecast snow (finally) sometime next week. Fingers crossed.


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