Read that Label!

The present episode was not nearly as dangerous as previous ones. Off the bat, I remember two incidents that could have been dangerous. Because the contents were a similar color, I almost used an astringent instead of mouthwash to rinse my mouth. Ugh! Another time, instead of toothpaste, I picked up a tube of athlete’s foot cream. That could have been a weird case of foot and mouth disease, right? With each mistake, I lectured myself to read the label. There was no need to read labels this time, because I knew there were only two items in the bag.


Here is the story. David brought his swimsuit here, hoping to swim at the rec center. For obvious seasonal reasons, we didn’t even think of it until after life began returning to normal. With his departure looming, we hurried to get this wish fulfilled. I had never been swimming in the winter, so I packed carefully, hoping to take everything I needed. In went the swimsuit, a towel, the never used Silver Sneakers card, hair brush, toy camera (real necessities here), shampoo, and conditioner. I popped the small items in a little bag for toiletries that I use for traveling. There were also two magazines in case I decided at the last moment not to go in the water.

David and I enjoyed swimming in the open section of the pool, while others did laps in their lanes. Poor John was the miserable one. He dutifully got in the pool with us, walking back and forth for exercise while we cavorted in the water. We had come in two cars, so John left when he got cold. In due time, David and I headed for the locker rooms.

I piled my dry clothing on the bench in the dressing area adjacent to the shower. The traveling shampoo and conditioner bottles were at the closest edge within easy reach. Shampoo came first, easily distinguished from the conditioner by its blue color. The conditioner was the usual white, thick liquid. I didn’t pay attention to the feel of it, being occupied with all the other new experiences of the day. As I tossed the two bottles back in the bag, my eyes lit on a third bottle already there. What? I had put only two in at home. That third bottle was the conditioner. Whatever else was there had to have been left from the last trip. What on earth had I put on my hair? Body lotion!

After drying off, I wasn’t about to get back in the shower. It was what it was. The hair was no more shiny than usual, but it did seem straighter. The body lotion did not add body, thankfully, because I have a constant battle with wild witch hair. I lived with the results of my mistake for 24 hours, and no one complained or called the police.

Anne to self, “Read those labels, even when it isn’t necessary!”

7 thoughts on “Read that Label!

  1. That’s funny Anne! For next time: Keep a close eye on that mouthwash, while it would do marvelous things for the cuticles of your hair it could also burn your eyes out of the sockets.

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