Selfie at Story Time

Logan came over to visit, looking around for things to play with. We examined the jigsaw puzzle David and I worked before he found the balloons. That didn’t last long.

“Can we play hide and go seek?” Logan asked.

I said, “If you want to hide, I’ll look for you, but I don’t want to hide.”

I saw what happened when our grandsons played the game with Logan. The big boys hid too well. Logan lost interest and began playing by himself. I had no intention of standing in a dark closet for an hour with an inquisitive 5-year-old roaming the house. What I discovered is that I could do a few things about the house while looking for him. I won’t be able to stay ahead of him for long, but we had a win/win situation that time.

When Logan looked for a mug to drink from, he spotted the small book of German stories that went with two of the smaller mugs on the rack. Gerhard gave these to us several years ago. We kept the book there, more to keep track of it than to have it handy for reading. At his request, Logan and I promptly sat down and read all ten of the short stories. My selfies are never very good, but I wanted to show the boy and the book.

Logan listening to stories
Logan listening to stories

Things livened up when John got home from taking David to New Jersey. Logan was thrilled to have an energetic playmate, while I hid behind the toy camera.

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