A Balloon that Knew When to Quit

I love balloons, helium balloons to be exact. As long as there is any lift left in one, it stays in the house. My birthday comes just before Christmas. Until the day was over, the balloon John bought me stayed in the kitchen where I could interact with it. I moved it to the bedroom to make way for Christmas, and I could continue my celebration in private. It was almost two months after my birthday when the balloon took matters into its own hands. It had floated proudly beside the computer until it lost its oomph. Where did it come to rest? On top of the waste basket!!!! This has to be the smartest balloon I ever had, knowing when and where to call it quits.

021316 Balloon dies on waste basket.JPG

3 thoughts on “A Balloon that Knew When to Quit

  1. I love this! Who says inanimate objects don’t think? When they had my youngest greatgrandson’s first birthday bash there was a Thomas the Engine balloon. Someone tied it to a folding chair…in a bow…(don’t these people think?) and one of Edward’s buddies pulled the string and off into the blue yonder! I of course took some photos, but Thomas was moving pretty fast and got out of range quickly.

    No one–except me–seemed to care, beyond the usual oh-no’s, and the little scolding little Robbie got for allowing Thomas the balloon to escape.

    I like to think about stuff like where the balloon would eventually come down, if some kids would find it, if they were as thrilled as I would be… 🙂


    1. You witnessed a Thomas who was intent on getting away. We had one that stayed for months, MONTHS! Grandson David, a train lover, had a Thomas balloon at our house for his birthday in June. We used the same balloon for John’s birthday in September! Maybe Thomas lost his driver who could have steered him to the wastebasket.


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