A Balanced Life

As we began our walk, I told John that I was having difficulty leading a balanced life. I tied my shoes as usual, left first. When I walked a few steps, I realized the left was quite loose compared to the right. Having blooded an ankle the first time I wore those sneakers, I went right back and retied it. Two miles of botheration would be entirely too much. Wouldn’t you know it? The right one then felt loose. I could have spent all day trying to get them balanced.

A mile later, the view would have drawn my attention away from my feet if simply walking hadn’t done the trick. There was rime ice on top of the mountain. The toy camera gave equal billing to the sun on the clouds, so you’ll have to imagine how dramatic the ice appeared.

021716  Rime ice on the mountain.JPG

9 thoughts on “A Balanced Life

    1. Oh, no! I’ve had round laces and flat laces recently and probably had normal ones at some point in my life. But spiral?? That’s all I’d need — viral spiral laces. I looked at your link. If I ever get some, I hope they come with good instructions. I wouldn’t want to be set loose with those without knowing how to act around them. As it is, I discarded sneakers with Velcro closures when one daughter refused to be seen with me in them. She thought she might be arrested for absconding with a nursing home inmate.

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        1. But shoe closure is serious business!! We might be able to escalate it to a family feud. I’m not ready to pick a team, though. I love all my children as well as those I would want to adopt if they were willing.

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