Higher Elevations

Many weather forecasts for mountain weather include the phrase “higher elevations.” Mountain weather is not only regional, it’s perpendicular, too. We’ve seen rain fall in the valley while watching the top of a mountain turn white with snow. Nathaniel noticed white covering the top of a mountain in Maggie Valley, and he wanted to see if it were rime ice. This weather phenomenon was new to us when we moved to North Carolina. That day, though, the white turned out to be snow. John stopped the car so that Nathaniel and I could get a few photos. I wanted to show how the snow stopped abruptly, and I included the grandson who lives at a higher elevation from me when we are in the same house.

021716 N at higher elevation.JPG

We continued to my favorite waterfall. I’ve seen it in winter before, but it seemed rather bleak that day. We rushed on to church, enjoying the play of the setting sun on the mountain tops.

021716 Favorite waterfall in winter.JPG


9 thoughts on “Higher Elevations

  1. Thank you. Nathaniel wears a tie much of the time. He just turned 16 last week. A year or two ago he decided he wanted to wear suits to school, and he did. They say he dresses better than the teachers. The school is an ordinary public school on Long Island. His tie is still in place on Sunday long after most people have changed into sweats and taken a nap. Amazing. He certainly didn’t get his dress sense from me! He has a bunch of videos demonstrating different knots. I thought there were only three or four standard knots for ties, but he is far beyond that. Do you wear a tie to work?


    1. Weather is marvelous in all its changes. I feel like our mountains are the interactive backdrop for the changing patterns of sun and clouds. We had weather changes on Long Island, but they were not easily visible from our house. In NC we have free shows every day, just as you do. It is amazing, as you said.


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