Downton Abbey-itis

With the finale coming up for the TV series of Downton Abbey, neighbor Amy borrowed the first season from the library. She and I watched seven episodes in two days while John was driving Nathaniel to New Jersey. John wanted to review the first ones, too, so Amy let us have the disks. We watched two last night and will probably see two more each day. I catch nuances that I missed each time I see one.

It was raining at morning walk time, and I longed to snuggle back in my warm bed. I told John I had Downton Abbey-itis after watching a scene with Lady Cora having her routine breakfast in bed. Now, the last thing I’d want is food near my bed, but oh! what luxury it would be to loll about when others are scurrying to get ready for the day!

We decided to do our walking at the rec center for the first time. We went swimming there while grandson David was with us for Christmas, but we had never seen the indoor walking track. It was on the second floor overlooking basketball courts, two other game courts, and the swimming pool off to one side. I took a position next to the wall, figuring other people might pass me. And pass me, they did! The track was sprinkled with old geezers and geezettes, every one of them speeding by me. They all looked older and more frail than I did. I could have gotten dizzy watching those silver heads whizzing by. If I’d had a superiority complex, it would have taken a severe beating. As it was, I tried to look proud while slinking back to the car.

2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey-itis

  1. I hate it that we are coming to the last Downton Abbey episode! May have to order the whole series to watch over again at leisure. As for the old geezers on the track, I am finding them in a chair yoga class I’m taking to revive the BigFoot. They are far more balanced and limber than I can hope to be even if I become a regular! I slink out the side door when the class is finished and then slink back to the car. 🙂


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