A Fiery Sunrise and the Rust Bucket

As we began our walk, we had to stop to admire the effect of sun on clouds.  The sky seemed to be on fire just beyond the mountains.  What an inspiring way to start the day!

032816 Sky.JPG

The inspiration lasted a long time, but the effect wore off while I slept that night.  In the wee hours, I woke with one eye oozing sticky stuff, the start of my annual allergy.  It must have been quite corrosive, because I had a rusty taste in my mouth.  Great!  I had gone from getting old to being a rust bucket!

6 thoughts on “A Fiery Sunrise and the Rust Bucket

  1. Loved your Easter Story with the gathering around the table. Your fiery sunrise is spectacular. Moving here from CT 28 years ago to MD’s Eastern Shore we miss the Mts. from time to time. Our beauty is Geese, marsh grass and winding waterways. Know that Spring Pollen in the air feeling. It is not rusting, it’s the joy of another spring. Semper fi


    1. Thanks for reading my posts. Having walked by Long Island Sound for over 20 years, I miss the seagulls and the smell of salty air. Isn’t it marvelous that you and I have had both mountain and seashore living?


  2. Wow, I’m in awe of the both the beautiful sunrise and the beautiful area where you live. You are so fortunate to be able to see scenery like this on a daily basis.


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