Recording a Quote

When we are with our neighbors, we laugh a lot.  I intend to rush to the computer and record the things I find so amusing.  The trouble is, they’ll say several things, and I’ll forget them all.  I did remember one isolated statement the other day.

Our morning walk is a little over two miles and includes one wicked hill.  I have taken a photo of it before, and it looks like an ordinary road – nothing special.  Your eyes might be deceived, but your legs and lungs would cringe.  We were at the bottom of that hill, about to begin the climb, when Bob drove up and stopped his car.

With a straight face and a nod toward the back seat, he said, “I know a shorter way home.”

That hit our funny bones, and we burst out laughing.  I’m hoping the laughter translated to applause for his ears.

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