Portable Pansies

I know that pansies should be hardy, but the ones we bought had been in a protected area 040916 Portable pansies.JPGaway from strong winds.  After being transplanted and hung on our exposed deck, their little faces were not smiling.  Thinking it would be for one night only, I brought them into the bathroom when the forecast was for a hard freeze and high winds.  Well, the weather was dancing from arctic winter to fickle spring.  Every two days I lugged those pansies in and out.  They will soon be too tired to bloom, and I’ll avoid looking at them.  Note to self: don’t bring anything home from the nursery until after tax day.




I wasn’t the only one with premature tendencies.  Neighbors on the next street must have put in tender shrubs.  While I was walking and hoping to see a few snowflakes, I saw they had used buckets and styrofoam ice chests to protect their investment.  At least my mistake was not quite so public.

040916 Styrofoam over shrubs.JPG

4 thoughts on “Portable Pansies

  1. I know the timing of planting can be quite tricky in spring Actually, I sometimes have a similar problem with deciding what to wear to go outside. More than once, I’ve been fooled by a bit of sun into wearing clothes that were not warm enough. I should probably carry some buckets and styrofoam around with me just in case.


  2. Thanks for your comforting words, Sheryl. I feel like an adoptive parent to these plants, because I want to do everything I can to make them thrive. They shouldn’t look so stalwart in the nursery and act vulnerable at home. Before long, I’ll convince myself it’s their fault if they die.


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