Sunday Excursion

Our college friend Gerhard arrived, and he went to church with us as he always does.  We ate lunch at the nearest nice restaurant, which was Japanese.  The place is never crowded, even if the Baptists get out of church before the Lutherans.  I might have expected John to be a bit antsy, since we were taking time to eat before we went to find the steam engine.  I have jested that John worships trains, but I should set the record straight.  Worship involves salvation, but he knows the only thing a steam engine will save him from is boredom.

A man from the Long Island Live Steamers was riding this special excursion train that traveled from Salisbury to Asheville.  I’m sure I heard the reason for this trip, but both John and his friend Jim thought it might be the last time it would happen.


041016 Engine we came to see.JPG
Steam is in front of the trees, clouds behind.

We watched the train go by slowly, appreciating the chuffing of the engine.  John figured out where Jim would get off while the switching was going on.  They turned the 21 car train around using a Y near Biltmore Village.  We had plenty of time to visit with Jim before he reboarded.

I took photos of Gerhard and John, finding them more interesting than the train.  John’s whole body was concentrating on that steam engine, while Gerhard was focused on recording the event with his good camera.

041016 Gerhard John seeing engine.JPG


041016 John looks Gerhard takes photos.JPG

4 thoughts on “Sunday Excursion

  1. Many memories of the steam engine growing up and having multiple family members work for the railroad. Here in MD we have the Western MD scenic railroad.
    A great ride in the fall I’ve been told, must put it on my bucket list. I’ve been saying that for about 20 years. Thanks for sharing.


  2. When I was a child, trains were the only way to go and I have such wonderful memories. I can understand the excitement you all were feeling at this exciting event.


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