Shakedown  in the Neighborhood

Neighbor Amy very kindly said my debt was paid in full.  I cheated her out of a milkshake at Biltmore weeks ago and subsequently had two with her.

As I nixed John’s suggestion that time, I kept him from having a shake, too.  We agreed we’d have a half-price Sonic on the way home from buying a secondhand car.  Unfortunately, I ate too big a celebratory dinner and couldn’t face a shake.  Days later we stopped at a fast food place in Knoxville after a concert.  The voice from the order sign said the strawberry machine had been turned off.  We were indignant.  Who in his right mind would turn off a shake machine when we needed one?  A strawberry one, at that!  If my brain had been working, I would have suggested we go elsewhere.  Alas, John was the loser and settled for chocolate.  Please note the settling for chocolate was his sentiment, not mine.  I know for a fact that chocolate is king.

Weeks later we went to another concert, this one in Asheville.  We heard five Russians sing Russian Orthodox church music and folk songs.  Milkshake fever was running high, and we finally had our half-price Sonics on the way home.  A big plus was John’s having strawberry chunks in his.

People who read the shake saga from the beginning said I’d never live it down.  It’s going to be one of those family/neighborhood tales with a life of its own.  I have the feeling the next time we go out with neighbors Shawn and Bob, I’d better offer them a shake before we do anything else.

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