Pop the Packaging

Neighbor Logan (5) went with his dad and John to buy supplies at Lowe’s.  As soon as they came back, Logan ran in with his books from school.  He gets two small paperbacks every day to read at home.  John was picked to be the readee and sat down with Logan on his lap.  I was downloading an application, so I didn’t stand around to be amazed at the boy’s ability to read.  After he read his books, Logan ran in to ask me how long you could live without food and water.  I’m not sure what prompted that, but we found a simplistic answer that you could live three weeks without food, but only a week without water.

Logan’s quick eyes spotted a box filled with air bags that had protected my latest online purchase.  Like bubble wrap, air bags were irresistible.  As soon as he started jumping on them, I reached for the toy camera.  Because there is always a lag after pressing the shutter, I didn’t think the results would be useable.  The first shot caught him in mid-air, one arm and both feet blurred.

051316 Popping airbags.JPG

The second showed the pleasure on his face after popping them all.  Simple things can bring such unexpected delight.

051316 The winner!.JPG

8 thoughts on “Pop the Packaging

  1. Bubble wrap really is made for popping! Incidentally, I think for someone of Logan’s age, the full answer to his scientific question must be: three weeks without food, one week without water, half a day without chocolate.


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