Garden Fairies

Now that our garden has plants in bloom, I’m reminding myself to look out of the window whenever I’m in the kitchen.  We had been out all afternoon.  As I washed my hands, my eyes skimmed the view from the lilac bush, over the roses, to the wisteria.  Wait!  Go back an inch!  What is under the pergola?

051616 Birdbath a surprise.JPG

If this had been a scene in a movie, I would have rubbed my eyes in disbelief.  It was a birdbath made to look like a daisy.  Perfect!  Just the day before, John and I said we should take neighbor Amy’s advice to put something under the wisteria.  There is no telling when we would have gotten around to it.  Now the deed is done, and I love it.

051616 Birdbath reflections.JPG

I know the garden fairies who worked this magic – Amy and her dear friends Mary and Tom.  Amy sold her house, and Mary and Tom have come from South Carolina to help her pack.  Amy said we could have this garden fixture, despite my protest that she might want it at her new home.  If I had been here, I would have insisted that they shouldn’t take packing time to do such a huge favor for us.  I don’t know that I would cut off my nose to spite my face, but I can certainly see myself getting in the middle of magic and making a merry mess of it.

051616 Birdbath under wisteria.JPG

Thank you Amy, Mary, and Tom.  I’m sure you know that every time I look at the birdbath, I’ll remember your magic that surprised us.

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