Bob the Builder Brightens Our Lives

When the doorbell rang, John opened the door and said, “Bob the Builder!  Come in.”

Bob, otherwise known as neighbor Bob, had come over to install two solar tubes.  John and I fell in love with the concept after seeing homes of two classmates in Oklahoma and Arizona.  Our friends used these tubes in dark hallways, kitchens, and baths.  Our kitchen was shadowed by the back porch, and the interior bathroom had no natural light at all.  I’m convinced Bob can do anything he sets his mind to.  He was everywhere – on the roof, in the attic, and on a ladder inside.  Being experienced with construction, he measured very carefully and went about the job confidently.

I took a photo of him as he put the clear cap on the roof.

051616 Bob finishing solar tube on roof.JPG

The rest of the afternoon I kept going to look at the kitchen and bathroom to see the light flooding in.   Below is the interior bathroom lit only by the solar tube.

051616 Inner room lit by solar tube.JPG


While the sun was high, the flat disc in the ceiling looked like a spotlight in the kitchen.  Later there was just a soft glow.

051616 Kitchen with solar tube.JPG

Logan appeared shortly after his dad started working.  I asked why he wasn’t in school, and he said saucily, “I’m taking a day off.”

John had the more likely story from Bob.  Logan had an earache during the night.  Old man and little boy played checkers for the first time together while Bob worked.  It reminded me of all the times John patiently played with our grandsons.  At least today, John had the edge on Logan.

051616 John and Logan play checkers.JPG

10 thoughts on “Bob the Builder Brightens Our Lives

  1. All sunlight missing from Eastern Shore, send some my way Anne. Logan will have fond memories of his time with you and John. I can still visualize playing checkers with my great grandfather circa 1948. The bond so embeds it’s self. Now when someone asks where are the glass’ in the kitchen you can say “turn right at the light.” Yeah I know, corny, right? I on the other hand shall not see the light of day. Hi John.
    Have a great day. da Rooster


    1. Our sun is coming and going with the clouds. I’d send you some sun if I could. That’s amazing that you remember playing checkers with your great grandfather.

      Do you have roots in Brooklyn? I asked because you signed da Rooster. John was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. You should have heard his accent sharpen when he talked to his friend from NY yesterday.

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  2. Anne, I love peeking in on your everyday life. It’s like getting to know a new neighbor! Today it brings back memories of being 4…I was my neighbor’s trusty side-kick! I learned how to play dominoes with the best! Although I could never convince him that boiled okra was good for him…thanks a million!!


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I’d like to count you as a new neighbor. We’ve lived in NC almost two years now, and I’ve been blogging for one. It has been wonderful getting to know people on our street and on line.

      I like okra. Always had it boiled until last year when we grilled some. It was like a different vegetable!

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      1. I’ll eat okra any way ya fix it!! All 3 of my babies are in NC…Jacksonville. My eldest is a Marine and the other 2 couldn’t live without him…so one by one they all flew the coup.

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  3. We hadn’t seen solar tubes before we traveled out west last fall. They were in the homes of two couples we stayed with. I loved the friendly glow early and late in the day. On a sunny day, the tubes look like spotlights.


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