Pleasure Followed by Gardening   

Our favorite neighborhood foster child came back for a brief visit.  Dennis would have stayed with his former foster parents Shawn and Bob, but they had a full house.  He slept at our house.  That meant we had a chance to visit with him when he wasn’t busy with them, other neighbors, and friends.

I don’t know Dennis’ whole story, but he overcame many obstacles in his young life.  One of the worst was the disservice from social service agencies.  He was put in six different homes in about eight years.  Shawn and Bob took him in when he was already a teenager, and he has another year to go before he can get out of the system.

Shawn and Bob can be so proud of him.  He still has the good manners they taught him and was a pleasure to be with.  After meals, he cleared the table, not only his own dishes, but ours as well.  Dennis also made his bed voluntarily!!  He spent time chatting with us and thanked us for everything we did for him.

The most pleasure I got from gardening was knowing it was over for the day.  I realized it was time to plant the seeds we bought weeks ago.  I strode outside carrying the shovel, a trowel, gloves, and the seed packets.  Four o’clock seeds went near the fence.  I liked their description, that the plants can be temporary hedges.  Nasturtiums (which my dad called nasty turtiums) were planted in the middle of the garden.  They like full sun and poor soil — should be perfect.  The delphiniums were planted near the porch in partial shade.  By the time I finished, I could hardly stand upright.  What a difference there was in the way I went out to garden and the way I returned!  I don’t think I would have been able to make it back to the house without using the shovel as a walking stick.  Neighbor Amy thought I was joking about becoming an instant cripple because of gardening, but if anything, it was worse than I let on.  Prudence would dictate I have a caregiver in the house before venturing out to battle the garden.  I’m telling you, gardening could be lethal!  The poor seeds would agree.  They had to wait until afternoon for their first watering.

7 thoughts on “Pleasure Followed by Gardening   

  1. I know that feeling. I’ve just finished some projects that exceeded my limited 2 hours of work rule. I vividly remember crawling into bed those nights feeling like I had built an entire bridge. I am late with my garden this year. Our weather was crappy (that’s a technical term). The tomatoes will finally go in tomorrow and I’m hoping they don’t disappoint (or take too long in producing!).

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  2. I always have some kind of stick or something when on the bucket, my seat for the task when in the garden. I refer to it as my Pusher Upper, just that little nudge gets me going. From someone else who’s been there done that.


  3. My heart goes out to Dennis. What a fine young man he must be to not be bitter over the whole painful ordeal of going from home to home. How nice that you got to visit with him too!


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