The Music was Too High  

I dream almost every time I sleep, and I’m still wondering who is in charge of my dreams.  I couldn’t come up with these things in my wildest imagination.  The one I woke with this time involved music.  Someone insisted I stand with the choir and help them sing a piece I’d never seen before.  Luckily, we were at the back, and no one was watching us.  I looked around desperately for the music.  When I spotted it, I hissed, “It’s too high.”

That would lead you to believe the music was out of my range, that it was too high for me to sing comfortably.  No, that wasn’t the problem.  The sheet music was dangling about 15 feet above our heads.  I could barely see that it was music, much less see my notes.

15 thoughts on “The Music was Too High  

  1. Soooo funny. Maybe that piece was for a heavenly choir? For those who already have wings? If so, I’m selfishly glad you are still grounded and here with us.


  2. What a strange dream. I find it interesting that you have recurring dreams too. When I was a child, I had 4 recurring nightmares for years. I now believe I understand what they meant. Our subconscious has a fascinating way of letting us know when we need or want something too. At least that was my situation. If you had something heavy to eat just before bed, I could believe that was it. lol. …… Or maybe you have a deep desire to sing that you’re not acknowledging? …. Hmmm… God is a good interpreter of dreams. Why don’t you ask Him what they mean? ….. Am I annoying you? ha ha. 🙂


    1. Ah! You are right. Having a heavy meal before sleeping might have made me want to fly and sing. I have two recurring nightmares. One involves my having to play without music, and the other has to do with poor eyesight. I will be desperately trying to get away from something, and I can’t see where I’m going. You had a rich childhood — four nightmares to choose from!


      1. Oh, you are so funny. A rich childhood, indeed! Well, perhaps you are right. The more storms we have in life, the more opportunity to learn how to manage the ship and become skilled at navigation. ….. Such a lot of work, though. lol. 🙂

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  3. I don’t know where the basis of some dreams come from or why the people who enter into our dreams appear when they do. But I hope you were able to adjust the height of the music and sing..:)


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