New Respect for Stonehenge Movers  

Grandson David was talking about quartz in front of neighbor Amy, and she told him she had a big rock he should see.  This was quartz on steroids.  She offered it to us, saying it would look good in our garden.  You see, Amy has a vested interest in our garden.  She and Ron lived at the end of the street several years before the first owners moved a modular house next door.  Amy and neighbor Shawn shared cuttings and plants with the owners of our house, and that is why our garden looks as good as it does now.  Amy also knew I needed lots of guidance.  I was a pre-novice, totally disinterested gardener two years ago.

David loved the small boulder, and his enthusiasm motivated John to accept Amy’s offer.  We brought tools to Amy’s yard, meeting her on her mower.  The most useful thing I did was to stand on the shovel that had pried the rock up while the men hoisted it onto the hand truck.

060816 Moving the rock (1).JPG

060816 Moving the rock (2).JPG
Referring to the camera, John said, “Put that thing down and come here!”

060816 Moving the rock (3).JPG

The fellows pulled that heavy, heavy load up a grassy slope and attached it to the mower.  Amy drove it to our house.

060816 Moving the rock (4).JPG

While I tried to decide where it should be placed, they made the decision to offload it at the only spot the mower could get to.  Wise move.  We may shift it a few inches, but it won’t go far.

060816 Moving the rock (5).JPG

What a struggle it had been!  I now have a very healthy respect for prehistoric people who moved enormous bluestones to Stonehenge.  I asked everyone to pose for a victory photo.

060816 Moving the rock (6).JPG

Amy also gave us a bench for the pergola.  One more trip with the mower, and the bench joined Amy’s birdbath under the wicked wisteria.  The scene is deceptively peaceful, don’t you think?

060816 Amy decorated our pergola.JPG


10 thoughts on “New Respect for Stonehenge Movers  

    1. Funny you should mention a milkshake. Instead of having supper, we took Amy with us to get half price shakes. At Sonic, shakes are half price after 8 p.m. We didn’t drink them under the wicked wisteria, though. None of us sat on the bench, either. Time for that tomorrow.


  1. We had a dog once named Peaches who brought up big rocks from the woods to help me line our flower beds. But that boulder takes the prize. And I think you have the perfect place for it -a blue ribbon showpiece. 🙂


  2. I have the feeling that rock is going to dictate everything that happens in the garden. I don’t plan to argue with it! Do you have a big garden to tend? Ours is small, but it looms big in my life.


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