Amy’s Move  

We saw much of Amy’s move from our front porch.  It became tense as we watched heavy thunderclouds approach.  The movers shoved items sitting on the drive into the truck at the last minute before the heavens opened.  What a deluge!

061416 Move from our porch.JPG
Minutes from a thunderstorm

We thought the move was finished at this end until Amy told us they needed another truck. They had miscalculated, despite Amy’s asking if everything was going to fit in one medium-sized van.  The finish was postponed until the following day.

As planned, Amy and her sister Susan, came to our house.  We were with them when Amy got a peculiar computer-generated telephone message from her agent.  The closing was canceled due to lack of interest.  What????  They didn’t need that at the end of a long day when the closing was supposed to be in 15 hours.  It turned out to be a mistake, but mistakes can zap what little ooph you have left.

We had dinner, and this time I did remember one of Amy’s statements that had us laughing.

Susan said kindly, “I hope you are going to sleep like a baby tonight.”

Amy replied, “What?  Sleep two hours and wake up wet????”

After the meal, we had a little celebration.  It was our 52nd wedding anniversary, marked by a chocolate cake which we five demolished in one sitting.

061416 Anne John 52nd wedding anniversary.JPG

David took a shot of the movers and the stayers at my request.  I hadn’t wanted to aim the camera at Amy while she was in the middle of moving on an oppressively hot and humid day.  We all look fairly compliant.

061416 Amy Susan JC AM.JPG
Amy and Susan with us

We sat on the front porch waiting for dark.  Amy said she couldn’t sleep until it was dark, and Susan pointed out that it would take a while.  This day was not far from the longest day of the year.  The thunderstorm had cleared the air and lowered the temperature, so it was a pleasant wait.

We said our goodbyes after breakfast.  Susan supervised the movers while Amy went to the closing.  When everyone had gone, David and I went to Amy’s stream while it still belonged to her.  He waded up and down, choosing a rock to send back to a friend who is collecting one rock from every state.

061516 D finds a rock.JPG
David in Amy’s stream

Logan joined us, eager for anything to allay his boredom on the second day of summer vacation.  I took a quick shot as the guys moved from Amy’s land to ours.  Starting now, the place belongs to Dawn and Jeff.  I’ll introduce you as soon as we’ve met them ourselves.

061516 D Logan leaving Amy's property.JPG
David and Logan with Amy’s empty house

11 thoughts on “Amy’s Move  

  1. First off…Happy Anniversary! How delightful! Secondly, I’m so sad to see neighbor Amy move…she was such a delightful neighbor. She will be missed! But, I am eager to meet the new folks! Definitely I am praying for Neighbor Amy and her new place and your new neighbors!


  2. That picture of David and Logan is the cutest ever! Sorry for the leaving of your friend. And happy anniversary to two amazingly, incredibly awesome people! Love you!

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  3. Anne, what a gorgeous view you have from your front porch! What a beautiful place to live. I am so happy for you. Also, a warm and heart felt congratulations on your 52nd anniversary. Well done, I am sure! I too am sorry your good friend and neighbor is moving, but I am sure your new neighbors will love you right back. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading, Debbie. I am going to miss Amy, and she is going to miss me and the mountains. She is more likely to do that 4-hour drive than I am. John and I are so blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world. We can get to the Blue Ridge Parkway from our house in about 15 to 20 minutes. We don’t go there often, but we know those stunning views are just a short drive away. I wish I could share that with you in person.

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  4. 52 years! Congrats that is awesome, very happy for you. I couldn’t make this years anniversary celebration but when you hit another 52 you can bet your butt I’ll be there!


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