He Found it Amusing  

Our children are rarely in the area on special occasions.  Let me clarify that.  If something were REALLY special, we’d be together at some point, but Father’s Day is not one of those days.  One daughter lives 800 miles away, and the other 3,000.  Also, pertinent to the story is John’s love of greeting cards.  Buying a card is the first thing he thinks of.  I’m on the opposite end of the scale.  I’m hardly ever at a loss for words, and, miser that I am, I hate to spend money on something I can do myself.

I realized on Sunday morning that I had done nothing to mark this day.  When John came in the room, I said, “I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything for Father’s Day.”

Before I could get breath for another sentence, he said, “I’m not your father.”

“Well, yes, but….”

It took me a minute to recover, but I continued, “You often get me something for Mother’s Day.  I’ll tell you what.  On the way home from church, let’s stop in Dollar General.  They have a great card selection.  I’ll find the card I think is suitable.  You’ll read it, and we can put it back on the shelf and leave.”

He burst out laughing, so I figured I gave him a bit of pleasure on the day.

7 thoughts on “He Found it Amusing  

  1. This is fantastic on so many levels! Chris commented “She’s awesome. She’s even cheaper than I!” (a total compliment). I told him that’s why you love him so much 😉 He added that you can take a pic of the card if he wants to keep it with him. We both agreed that wouldn’t be too fair to the original artists, though.

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  2. Beautiful! I’ve been known to bust out my crayons and color a picture for Himself and slap it on the fridge…”there ya go, happy day” come to find out he actually loved these childish gifts from his 40 something-ish wife. I found his stash where he had saved them…

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