Young Men in the Mountains

Relaxing on the porch was something we did regularly, mostly when watching for streaks of lightning. One day David stretched out casually on the rail, and the toy camera included the somnolent bear to complete the silhouette.

070616 Bear and David on the rail

On David’s day off, we went for a drive on the parkway, stopping at an overlook where you could see the beginning of one of the cascades. David showed Nathaniel the path that led to it, and they were off. A few minutes later they shouted and waved when they reached the stream. David, wearing black, was almost invisible. Nathaniel stood next to him in a shaft of sunlight.

070616 D N at cascade stream
David crouched at the brink of the falls while Nathaniel stood beside him.


Dennis was fishing with the church youth group when a storm came up suddenly.  He was in a kayak when a bolt of lightning hit the water — most impressive!  At lunch time we had a picnic on the porch to enjoy the view of an upcoming storm while David was at work.

070616 Picnic on the porch
Dennis, Nathaniel, and John


We had one last photo to include Dennis. He was here 12 days, and we all enjoyed him.

070816 N Dennis D
Nathaniel, Dennis, and David


John drove him home to Brevard before going back to Asheville to have Snot’s handle replaced. Several days ago David reached to open the driver’s door, and the handle came off in his hand. I’m sure that will make son John $ feel better. About three years ago $ had the same thing happen when he tried to open the rear passenger door on the same side. I don’t know what it is about Sonatas that make them unable to handle people well.

2 thoughts on “Young Men in the Mountains

  1. You call your car “Snot”? ha ha – very funny! It must have been pretty exciting for Dennis being on the water when lightening hit. Wow!


    1. The car salesman carefully said “Sonata” the first time he talked about the car we were interested in. The more he talked, the shorter the name sounded. Our grandsons thought it was a hoot, and that’s how our car was named Snot.

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