An Old Conversation

John was reading the newspaper when he put it down and asked, “Do you think we aught to go to this meeting about Alzheimer’s disease?”

No, why should we?” I replied.

He said, “I just thought it might be a good idea to learn more about it.”

I wondered if he thought I was heading for it. If so, I wouldn’t be interested, would I? I’d be oblivious. Was he trying it on for himself? I’d be even more disinterested if he were hurrying me to be his caretaker. Let’s just keep our heads in the sand.

Nothing more was said, and we went on with the day. Not more than two hours later I was preparing one of our favorite Jello salads. Pouring it into the mold I always use, I wondered why the level was lower than usual. Golly Pete! I had forgotten to put in a key ingredient, crushed pineapple. That was easily remedied, but maybe I shouldn’t have terminated that “old” conversation so quickly.

3 thoughts on “An Old Conversation

  1. Tony Bennett turns 90 today. Sirius Radio will feature Tony on Channel #71 all day. If we listen and remember the songs we’re in good shape. I’ll know to attend that meeting when I forget the Clams for Linguini and Clams. Hi to John


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