Snickers for Breakfast

When I brought the container to the table, I explained to grandsons David and Nathaniel that it was something new. A friend sent a recipe for summer oatmeal, and I wanted to try it before serving it to brother Bob and wife Beth. We were recently at their house where a new favorite breakfast was Greek yogurt and fruit. This recipe included both, along with oats and flavoring.

I went back in the kitchen for something, and when I came back, the lads had smirks on their faces. Nathaniel admitted he thought the concoction looked like tuna fish, at which David’s laugh escaped. Both dissolved into snickers. As you can guess, there were no candy bars in sight.

Nathaniel said, “Gran, you have to admit it does look like tuna salad.”

Grinning back, I said, “You are absolutely right.”

They rushed to assure me that they would give the dish a fair try. I suggested they take a teaspoonful to taste and get regular cereal if they didn’t like it. I added fresh blueberries to mine, and a few bites later, some banana slices.

081416 My summer oatmeal with bananas and cocoa mix.jpg

We got a bit silly after that. David demonstrated how thick the stuff was, turning his bowl upside down.

081416 David's oatmeal sticks to bowl.jpg

Not to be outdone, Nathaniel did the same with the serving dish.

081416 Nate shows serving dish of summer oatmeal.jpg

They brought up some movie clip they had shared with me, one where the homemaker serves a slimy neon-blue dessert to her husband and son. It slithered off the table in the closing scene. More snickers. One of them, I’m not sure which, said we should put hot chocolate mix on it, to mimic what Bob adds to his breakfast yogurt. We had tried that at his house and liked it. I went to the cabinet to pull down a box that had not been opened. My surprise was finding there were K-cups inside. I stabbed one with a knife, and we all took some.

Beth and Bob are already on the road to come here. If you want to vote whether I should make breakfast oatmeal for them, cast your vote by 10 pm on August 4. Comments welcome any time.

081416 N D show summer oatmeal.jpg

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