End of Summer

Although temperatures were still seasonally hot, a fun summer ended for me when John headed north with our grandsons. We laughed every single day at things that were amusing or just silly. We were old enough to be silly, and they were mature enough to join in. Of course, there were tons of puns bandied about, with David reveling in them and Nathaniel claiming to despise them. Both were good at it. We delighted in visits with relatives in Summerville SC and Winston Salem. Relatives from Thomasville were here for a conference, so we were with them for a few hours. Touristy things included seeing a bit of Charleston, touring an Asheville mansion, and going to a mountain folk museum. Another high point of the visit was son John’s taking the young men on a hike to Chimney Rocks. While David worked, Nathaniel helped John build a waterfall in the garden – a treat for the eyes and ears! Quite often Nathaniel grilled the meat for dinner. Everyone enjoyed the food, and John was pleased that he didn’t have to build the fires and do the cooking.

The time slipped away for us to see neighbors Shawn, Bob, and young Logan. They came over to say goodbye, and sadly we didn’t hear them at the door. They left a very special calling card – vine ripened tomatoes and green peppers from their garden. Unlike us, they have a very USEFUL garden.

081216 Tomatoes and peppers

081216 Still life from neighbor's garden







081216 Packing shoes


The last full day was a time for packing and putting things away. Nathaniel’s belongings were compact, but David was taking everything he’d need for college from summer clothes to winter coats.



081216 Packing for college.jpg

At the very last minute, Nathaniel remembered the mirror ritual. One of the first things he does when he comes is moving the mirror from its normal hook to a high one left by the previous owners for a clock. The height is perfect for him, and him alone. I don’t know why he was wearing a winter hat topped with a conductor’s hat, but we do silly things here. He was probably taking them out to the car the easiest way possible. He and David assumed poses for the formal ritual. Nathaniel carefully moved the mirror and leaned down to check his reflection.

081316 1 Solemn rite of mirror move.jpg
Formal pose for mirror ritual
081316 2 N checks his appearance one last time.jpg
Last comfortable view for Nathaniel
081316 3 Mirror moved down.jpg
Mirror set at normal height
081316 4 Placement for common people.jpg
Crouching for one last check

I hadn’t the heart to take a photo of the van before they left. I know it was unorthodox. They removed the middle seats. David sat in the front passenger seat, and Nathaniel folded himself into the very back where he was surrounded by luggage before and behind him. The last I heard from them was a text from David responding to my reporting of Olympic wins of the American swim teams. For me, this was a most satisfying summer, one filled with good memories and hopes of more to come.

13 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. Oh Anne, I cried! It’s always sad to see summer fade away, but sending your sweet young men North. Ugh. I can only imagine the bitter sweet moments you are having in a quiet house. I used to enjoy my grandparents so very much that I cried like a baby every time I had to leave…even after having my own children and we would visit. You have created so many memories that those young men will never forget…ever!! I am so very glad you chose to share them with us!!

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    1. Thank you, Marijo. Actually, I’ve always been an early bird, doing everything as far ahead as possible. The day before our grandsons left, I had such a heavy heart that I thought it might show on my face. It paid off to be sad early, because I didn’t have to feel bad later.

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  2. I felt so melancholy while reading this. I am sure you will miss your dear grandsons, Anne, but I am happy for you that you had them for so long too. You are very blessed. They seem like really great kids. Blessings on you and your quiet home now. Hugs, Debbie. 🙂


      1. I’m so happy for you. My grandson is still only 7 and he loves us to pieces. We have 5 granddaughters and I hope they all continue to hug us too. They are all so special, aren’t they? I am also sure that YOU are just as special as your grandsons are. God bless you, Anne. 🙂

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  3. Love it when the grand-kids and family come down from CT. Of course those here always join in and I have a difficult time separating conversations. The busyness helps us stay young Anne. So glad you and John had the occasion. What did you ever do for a pond ladder?


    1. Wow! Imagine your remembering the pond ladder! We didn’t do anything, and we’ve had no other animals fall in. I can’t remember if the waterfall was going at the time. Perhaps the falling water serves as a warning now.

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