More Summer Fun

The first night John’s sister Barbara and Thom came, we sat on the porch catching up on news. Now that they are retired, they walk in the morning like we do. I have a picture to prove they went to the creek with us.

082516 Thom BA JC at Jonathan Creek.JPG
Yes, she is a New Yorker wearing a subway map.

At the top of the big hill, we found Logan eagerly waiting for the bus. It was the second day of school, but the first day for him to be on the bus this season. He ran, and Bob rushed to catch up and speak to the driver.

082316 Bob rushing to catch up with Logan.jpg

That afternoon John noticed Logan standing at the edge of his property while we sat on the porch across the street. His whole body leaned forward, willing John to invite him over. John called him, and he ran to get permission. Barbara, a born teacher, went inside to get a book for Logan to look at. She expected him to look at the pictures of the US presidents, but he began reading aloud, “George Washington….”

082416 Logan reads Barbara's book.jpg

She brought out another book with pictures to look for, and Logan was instantly glued to it. She promised to leave it at our house for him to look at, which she did. I think she felt sorry for me after hearing that I forced myself to play checkers one day to entertain him.

082416 BA Logan Thom.jpg

Barbara and Thom were interested in feeding the horses for a photo op. One of their granddaughters rides regularly and would enjoy seeing them with the animals. I went in the house for an apple and found son John $ with a cut apple in his hand, ready to bring it out.

082516 Barbara feeds DW.JPG
Barbara feeding DW

On the way back to the house, Barbara spied a black snake in bushes beside the house. I was amused that three of us were eager to catch it, but only with our cameras.

082516 Black snake with Thom and Barbara.JPG
See the black snake we were watching?

Our activity for the day was going to Cherokee to see demonstrations of Indian village life in the 1800’s. On an overlook there was a sign with writing in English and Cherokee. $ knows a lot about the Cherokee nation, and he said they are the only American Indians with a written language.

082516 Road sign with English and Cherokee.JPG

We saw demonstrations of weaving, beading, making bows and arrows, making blowguns from bamboo, and hollowing out a log for a canoe. There were traps for animals, houses of various styles, and the lodge where everyone in the community would attend meetings. We all enjoyed talking to a young man with an accent. He came from Scotland to the US to study, and met and married his wife. Unlike the US government, which requires proof of blood relationship, the Cherokee clan accepts him as a full member. We enjoyed the group doing traditional dances. They laughed, teased each other, and paid special attention to the girl in the group whose birthday was that day.

082516 Cherokee bear dance.JPG
Bear Dance

For dinner, we went to a place called Butts on the Creek. We all liked the BBQ. Barbara had to try something none of us had ever had – fried corn on the cob. There was a light batter on it that was crispy and good.

082516 Deep fried corn on the cob.JPG

Our sibling reunion was lots of fun. Barbara and Thom were on their way to visit her and John’s sister Chris and Steve in SC. John had the idea of our meeting for lunch in Columbia, SC. It worked nicely, with all of us driving part of the way. We were on the late side of the lunch hour, so the staff did not mind that we sat and talked in the empty restaurant. All too soon it was time to leave. We headed toward an empty house, and the other four continued the party in Summerville.

082616 Barbara John Chris.JPG
Siblings Barbara, John, and Chris
082616 Siblings and spice.JPG
Siblings with Thom and Steve


12 thoughts on “More Summer Fun

  1. That sounds like a great day, and very varied too. Interesting that a Scottish fellow turned up as part of the Cherokee nation. I’ve heard and seen similar things in other places too. It just shows how interconnected and fascinating our modern world is. 🙂

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    1. I’m thrilled you liked the picture of the black snake. I rather like snakes, non-poisonous ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else shares our enthusiasm. The only critter I can work up a good revulsion for is a spider.

      Liked by 1 person

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