The Presidents’ Ladies

We went walking with Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison this morning. Yes, for real! They let us call them Abbie and Dolly. There wasn’t a hitch, although there were two leashes involved.

091916 John Abbie Dolly.jpg

Neighbor Shawn had her second knee replaced this morning. Bob brought Logan over as they left for the hospital, and we had about an hour before taking the boy to the school bus. It was a lively hour. We had breakfast with son $, who was using our place as his base for a camping trip near Purchase Knob. That is one of the mountains we see from our house. After breakfast we did a half-morning walk with the dogs, almost to the stop sign.

We knew years ago that the way to meet people in the neighborhood was to have a dog or children. Today we had the dogs, and we met a neighbor while we were out on the road. The red van stopped, and the people inside said they didn’t know we had dogs, having never seen us with any.

“They aren’t ours,” I explained. “They belong to the neighbors across the street.”

At that point, my Southern manners failed. I knew who the passenger was, but I failed to introduce us. Rats! Undoubtedly, Angie knows our names from the good old Southern grapevine, just as we knew hers. When she heard why we were walking the dogs, she said, “Please tell Shawn that Angie hopes everything goes well for her.”

As soon as the car stopped this afternoon, Logan jumped out and streaked home to let the dogs out. He went right to their food, put some in each bowl, and added just the right amount of water. He walked the dishes carefully back to the crate without spilling a drop.

091916 Logan feeds dogs.jpg

Logan said he got pink at school, meaning he was well-behaved. I was relieved. The other day he was over here asking for a snack, and he said he would love a cupcake with chocolate icing. We never have cupcakes on hand, but I made a dozen today. They were up high where he couldn’t see them, along with the square cake from the leftover batter. If he had been naughty, he wouldn’t have gotten one.

091916 Logan's snack.jpg

14 thoughts on “The Presidents’ Ladies

    1. I’m glad you underscored his carefulness. He really was careful. A bit later he rode his bike on the street as we walked his dogs. We’ll go with him to feed his chickens at 7:30. After that will be bath and bedtime. It has has been easier this time so far. We kept him two days when his mother had her first knee replacement. Of course, he is older now by a few months.

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  1. Many years ago friends of ours were boating on Block Island. The wife of the couple was walking her dog after breakfast when a man walking his dog approached them. They had a similar breed, he bent over scratched her dog’s head and conversation ensued. After lengthy chit chat they went their separate ways. The man, Christopher Reeve of the Superman Curse. Dog’s are ice breakers. You make your readers feel a part of your family & neighborhood. Tell $, B ware the Bear.

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  2. I always enjoy your stories and photos! Yes, you are a wonderful neighbor and so helpful, it is so nice that you all help and visit with each other!


    1. I just thought that many of us here have one relative close by. We all seem to have other relatives far away, so it’s good for us to care for each other. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Wish you lived near enough to visit!


  3. What a sweet child that Logan is and how blessed he is to have you to care for him. I am sure you will have lots of fun. 🙂


      1. I’m glad she is home and all went well. Kids are great. I am sure Logan is happy to be home again too, but have no doubt that he enjoyed you and your hubby as well. 🙂

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