Neighbor Connie and I were waiting for Shawn to be mobile after her knee surgery to go out for coffee. I ran across the street for a few minutes last week and was totally shocked at Shawn’s progress. I had seen her gliding across her porch using a walker and had no idea she had switched to a cane. In her house that day, her cane was in the kitchen. She got up from a living room chair and hobbled to retrieve it. Amazing! That was just before the three-week mark after surgery. I’m sure I did not do that well with my best knee.

Connie and her family made a point of checking out coffee places when they moved here. She introduced me to two coffee roasting places in Waynesville. I don’t know if roasting coffee is a national trend or a local one, but it seems to be popular here. I haven’t read food news since we left the New York Times behind two years ago. Back then, the word “artisinal” appeared at least once in every food article. That would have been applied to bread, pastries, cheese, etc. The adjective for specialty beer is “craft”. I want to know what description would be applied to these coffee roasters. Maybe they are simply local. The locations of these two shops have fun names – Dellwood and Frog Level.

The businesses both have big roasters in the front with informal seating in the rear. The walls are brick, the floors concrete, and the spaces cavernous. The only elegant thing about them is the taste of the coffee. The Frog Level store had clunky wooden tables and chairs on the floor, with sofas on a raised area along two walls. Three young women were working on their computers, using the free wi-fi. That certainly beat the crowd and noise of many Starbucks I’ve seen. How I would love to know why they bought one cup of coffee and worked there for hours! When I write at home, I have wi-fi, privacy, and unlimited coffee.

There were four of us enjoying gentle conversation – Shawn, Connie, Connie’s daughter Marla, and me. If I wrote that what was said in the coffeehouse stays in the coffeehouse, you’d think we shared secrets or salacious gossip. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roasting referred only to the brew. For the most part, you would not have been interested in our weather, former homes, neighbors we know only by sight or by dog’s name, and dietary restrictions. For me, though, it was a highly satisfactory, fun-filled afternoon spent with people I love.

I took one photo, which was not good of anyone. Publishing it would imply I don’t love these people as much as I say I do.

15 thoughts on “Roasted

  1. Knee surgery has come a long way. My friend had a total replacement She was driving after 2 weeks and back at work at 3. Coffee is so relaxing for me. It’s long replace alcohol as a way to decompress.


    1. That is amazing that your friend was back at work after three weeks. It took me longer, but I can walk better now than I could 10 years ago. I’m very thankful for that. Isn’t coffee marvelous? I’m glad you enjoy it, too.

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          1. She said that too. She had pain for years. I convinced her to get it while she was still working (better insurance) rather than wait. I was prepared to help her out but she didn’t need much. She did have someone come in every day for the first 2 weeks to help with exercises. I am glad you are feeling younger and from reading your blog I know you exercise that knee a lot!

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    1. I wouldn’t be able to write in Starbucks. That’s not saying much. I would have a hard time in the Frog Level shop, too, because I’d be too busy watching people. Now that we live in the boonies, I must take advantage of every foray into town to get in a bit of people-watching. I’m sure you don’t lack for opportunities.

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  2. What a lovely afternoon! I was just thinking about Shawn the other day wondering how she was getting along! I’m glad all is well. (I’m also wondering how former neighbor Amy is)

    Good friends and good coffee…can’t go wrong there!


    1. Thanks for thinking of Amy, MariJo. She loves living near her daughter and granddaughters in Charlotte. Unfortunately, she is still having trouble with her hip. A week or so before she moved, she became lame. She is still in pain, and they haven’t found out why. When she gets better and comes to visit, I’ll post of photo of her.

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      1. Bless her heart! I’m glad she is enjoying her family but oh so sorry to hear that her hip is still a bother. I’ll definitely send some prayers up for her!


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