Halloween was very quiet, as we knew it would be. However, we had double the number of trick or treaters we expected. Logan was the first, and I have to say his voice was the only thing I recognized. Because masks restrict a child’s ability to see, I don’t think costumes come with them any more. Logan didn’t need a mask. Shawn had devised his costume and made him up so well that I would have passed him by in a crowd. He was dancing with excitement while looking longingly at our bowl of candy. He carefully picked one small Kit Kat, and I asked if that was his favorite. It was. I told him to take them all and helped him fish them out. His eyes were still glued to the bowl. “Want to take some of the others?” YES. I was morphing into a wicked witch, urging him to satisfy his chocolate craving. [I apologize, Shawn and Bob. I was not being a nice neighbor to you!]

103116 Logan as Cat in the Hat.jpg
Logan posed with an exceptionally nice smile.

We went outside to greet our surprise non-candy-eating Halloween prankster, Logan’s nephew from Turkey. He was dressed as a trainman.

103116 Bob Sufi Shawn.jpg

John opened the garage door and had Bob put Sufi (sp?) in his caboose for the photo op.

103116 Bob John Logan Sufi in caboose.jpg

It was almost dusk when we went to Connie, Dave, and Marla’s house. They had two Halloween visitors, also – Logan and a boy who lives across the street from them. Marla had ducked back in the house, but I got a shot of Connie and Dave on their porch. They had the most-decorated house in the area. I particularly liked the pumpkins and candles and made a point of avoiding the giant spider * shudder * We had a lovely, relaxed dinner with them.

103116 Connie Dave on Halloween.jpg
Most of Connie, Dave, and Marla’s decorations don’t show here.  My eye was on the spider.

I love their quiet wit. Dave, a retired policeman, explained that he always chose to work the night shift because that’s when things happened. He didn’t want to be bored during the day. Connie said, “We couldn’t persuade the criminals to be active from 9 to 5.”

I liked Dave’s story about an older boy who picked on him in grade school. We didn’t call it bullying back then. Dave’s older brother beat him up and warned him not to pick on Dave again. He didn’t, but he didn’t change his stripes, either. Years later Dave arrested him. By this time Dave was almost seven feet tall. He recognized his former tormentor and asked was he so-and-so. He was. He said, “I’m Dave, the one you used to attack after school. Do you want to pick on me now?”

13 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Great photos and I like that you let Logan satisfy his chocolate craving..:)
    That’s a pretty cool story about Dave. We should all have that little bit of payback at some point in our lives..:)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What a sweet Halloween. I’m certain Shawn will monitor little Logan’s chocolate intake. He’ll have a candy a day for a while! What a treat for you though to do a bit of spoiling!! And the little baby in the caboose, that is perfect! Great stories and great fun!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great photos Anne! You must be Logan’s most favourite person in the whole world! That spider would have scared the living daylights or night lights out of me. Good story about Dave coming face to face with his tormentor 🙂


    1. His parents say Logan is always asking to come over. You and I must share a loathing for spiders. I love Dave’s stories. He is one of 12 children from the same mother. She was a reader and instilled a love of reading in her children. Connie is one of seven or eight, and she has lots of good stories.

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    1. I did, David. I saved some of the best sweets for you. When will you come to get them? Stay a fortnight when you come. Here is a little hug (x). We’ll have a massive family hug when you get here.


  4. I would have also found it hard to resist Logan’s love of chocolate. The pictures are so much fun…..well, maybe not the spider (I really do not like spiders).
    The story of Dave and his former schoolmate was great.


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