Nathaniel’s Breakfast

Grandson Nathaniel (16) loves to cook. When he first comes to visit, I do the grandmother thing and try to prepare the dishes I think he likes. One of these times, I’ll learn to offer him the use of the kitchen earlier. Actually, I think I did this time, but maybe I didn’t use the right combination of words. He offered to prepare breakfast two days before he was due to leave. We jumped at it. He likes to have the kitchen to himself, so he cooked while we walked to the creek. It’s amazing to me that he always finds the ingredients and the utensils he needs.

123116 N cooking.JPG

As soon as we stepped inside the front door, I knew we were having maple sausage. He cooked sausage for himself and me and bacon for Grandpa and David. There were fluffy scrambled eggs and biscuits brushed with honey butter. He had also set the table with dishes, cutlery, and condiments. He was totally ready, and so were we.

123116 N thumbs up.JPG

He posed for the presentation of the biscuits.  He almost burned his hands, having just taken the dish out of the oven where it had been keeping warm.

123116 N serves his biscuits.JPG

After I buttered my mine, I took a photo before digging in. Everything tasted as good as it looked. What a treat!

DSCN669`21316 Nate's breakfast1.JPG

Nathaniel’s talents are not one-dimensional. He offered to help clean, so John asked him to do a giraffe job, dusting the ceiling fans. There are six inside the house, and he had them done in short order. It certainly helps that he didn’t need to carry around a step stool.

123116 N cleans fan effortlessly.JPG

Yes, the house is going to seem very empty when he leaves. At least we’ll still have grandson David here for another week before he has to go back to college.

20 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s Breakfast

  1. Wow!! Would you mind renting out Nathaniel occasionally? 😀 He puts me to shame – I am not really into cooking in my own house, let alone in someone else’s where I’m not sure of the location of everything. Amazing. Do you think he might open a restaurant someday? If so, I just might make a trip there!

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    1. Nathaniel is interested in owning a bakery at the moment. He has academic classes in the morning and cooking classes in the afternoon at his high school. He’s looking into a college here in NC for cooking. It is several hours away from us, but that is much closer than NY.

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  2. Anne,
    Lucky you- in every way. The photographs are amazing and Nathaniel’s treat is out of the world.Can you please share the biscuit recipe ? Are biscuits a type of cookie or bread or bagel ?
    Which of the grandsons is the older one – David or Nathaniel ?


    1. Biscuits are a hallmark of Southern cooking. Most often we have them for breakfast, but they are appropriate at any meal. Savory — eat with bacon, sausage or ham. Bread — butter and add jam, honey, or molasses.

      David is 21. Nathaniel, the tall one, is 16. My grandchildren are similar in age to your children.

      I’ve made a note to get a biscuit recipe for you.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. That’s wonderful that you are teaching your grands how to cook. I failed with my children. My daughters can’t cook, and my son does enough to keep body and soul together. Grandson Nathaniel loves to cook, probably in spite of me. He is in the kitchen a lot in his own home and feels free to experiment when he is by himself.

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