It’s not Easy Being Red-bellied

I was sitting at the computer when a woodpecker came to the feeder. Son John $ was in the kitchen, and I softly asked his dad to relay a message for him to come see it. He approached softly and quietly, getting a good look at the bird. I felt for my pockets, but pockets are in jeans, not my dress slacks. $ tiptoed away and returned with the toy camera. Gotcha, bird!

When I looked at the photos, the camera seemed to be dictating what the bird said.

“I don’t know why you humans call me Red-bellied Woodpecker. Surely you could have come up with a better name than that. I do have a tiny bit of red on my front, but I’m not going to show it to you.”

012917 I don't know why you call me red-bellied.jpg

“It’s not easy hanging on this silly feeder. It’s humiliating to appear so hunched over. Couldn’t you find something better for me?”

012917 It's not easy hanging on here.jpg

“Hey! Did you get my profile? This is my best side.”

012917 Did you get my profile.jpg

25 thoughts on “It’s not Easy Being Red-bellied

  1. Anne,
    Just saw the post and photos today. Woodpeckers are back ? Meaning perhaps that winter on its way out?
    I love its summer color. Makes you think of red skies and orange sunsets. Isn’t he a beautiful bird?

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    1. I used to sit on a balance ball every time I was looking at my home computer. Fast forward a year. I bought a smaller one for a lower table and promptly fell off it, smack onto the floor. It is sitting in the corner of my room, still being shamed for dumping me unceremoniously when no one was here to pick me up. My chair may not be more comfortable, but it is predictable.

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      1. It certainly deserves to shaming after than performance. I used to have a balance ball too (in fact, I wrote about it a year or so ago), but it seems to have disappeared. Instead of saying I have a balance ball, I guess I now have to say I’ve lost my balance ball.


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