April Fool??

With John away, I didn’t expect to see anyone or anything out of the ordinary. There would be no need to be alert, watching out for April Fool pranks. Should I blame Mother Nature for what I saw today?

040117 April Fool snake on the road.jpg

A little dead snake was in my path as I returned from walking to the stop sign. It was not there yesterday. Surely it’s too early for snakes! We’ve had temperatures only a few degrees above freezing in the last week. It couldn’t have been put there to scare me. Anyone who knows me, is aware that I don’t dread snakes. We won’t discuss spiders here. Twins, only one of whom might see this, once planted a dead spider from the train park in the trunk of my car. We are once again on speaking terms.

I took a photo of the snake, with my foot for a size comparison, and slithered on home. No other surprises have been forthcoming.

27 thoughts on “April Fool??

  1. I also have no particular problem with snakes. Respect for venomous ones, just fine with all the rest. Spiders, though … Hardworking, skillful, nimble allies in the good fight against insects, and all I’ve got is NOPE!!

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  2. Eeek! Snakes are definitely not on my list of fave things. I’ll bet that one got April Fooled by the sunshine and thought it was Spring. Surprise! Cold! That’s why he’s “expired, pushing up the daisies, an ex-snake” – apologies to Monty Python!


  3. lovely post Anne. The poor fellow must have come out too early from its hibernating mode. I dislike cockroaches and snakes. Thankfully I don’t see too many snakes.
    I am not sure how Noah lived with all of them for 40 days.


  4. Do you mean the animals were on their best behavior considering they thought he might drop them over the boat into the water if they didn’t do so or were they all individually blessed because they had been selected to go into the Ark ?


    1. I wasn’t thinking much at all, so I don’t know what I meant. We are not told what happened inside the Ark or how the animals fared when they walked off. I’m going to consider it a miracle that everyone survived. Personally, I would not have tolerated spiders. Noah might have had to choose between God’s spiders and me.

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  5. My husband hates snakes so much when one slithered out of an ivy bed near our front porch, he ran in place, while in a stricken voice, saying…”Big…….snake!”


    1. I have never trusted ivy. It harbors spiders. I feel so sorry for your husband. Snakes don’t bother me, but revulsion rises in me when I see a spider. Surely we don’t have control of our phobias if they continue to plague us.

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