Two-story Spider Web

If spiders cause revulsion to well up in you, read no further. I almost hit my limit when I was researching webs and pulled up a page with an animated spider crawling about the screen. *shudder*

A two-story web was near enough to the road for a close shot. Wonder if it’s a mother/daughter dwelling.

042017 Two story web.jpg

Even closer is a photo showing a messy web. The spinners couldn’t all be teenagers.

042017 Web closeup.jpg

What started my looking was a field of webs on a misty morning. This appeared to be a suburban development that used the same architect. On a day with low humidity, the webs were not visible like this.

042017 Field of webs.jpg

If anyone can identify this type of web, please share your knowledge. The only one that looked similar to my eyes was the cup and saucer web or bowl and doily web, said to be in North and Central America.

26 thoughts on “Two-story Spider Web

  1. Bowl and Doily Weaver Spider. They are small spiders and you generally never notice the webs unless the dew has fallen on them. We have them here in the South in Alabama. Great pictures you got of them.

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    1. What a neat name! Are the webs usually this big? (they look quite large in the photo.) We have small webs, like mini-trampolines, usually only a few inches across — it’s quite amazing to see how many are strung in the grass on dewy mornings.


  2. Beautiful pictures Anne. I think you do love the webs even though not the spiders who made them- how else could you click such beautiful pictures of their homes ?
    Thanks Anne for sharing these pictures of webs on a misty morning.


    1. Thanks for the warning about Brown Recluse spiders. I hope to never tangle with them. Spidersrule showed up on my screen. If that’s the one with the spider crawling about on the screen, I won’t go back willingly.


  3. I really do not like spiders but their webs can be so beautiful. When you get some dew on them they are amazing! Your pictures are great of those webs. Wish I knew what kind of spider made them but I have no idea.


  4. I’ve seen webs in similar conditions, but never in such abundance. It’s beautiful to me…the way the misty drops are clinging to the web. Lovely…even though I know you don’t like spiders. It’s a gorgeous photograph.


    1. There were an impressive number of webs in view that day. We’ve had so much rain since then that I wouldn’t be surprised if the webs were knocked down. Oh, well. Itsy bitsy spider…


  5. Wow, cool pics! I’ve only see that number of spider webs rivaled in one place. In one part of China I rented a bike and the streetside about seven feet up was thick with spider webs and black spiders for miles. Creepy.


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