Peanut Butter on Pizza

Peanut butter on pizza caught me off-guard.  This rude surprise happened in my own kitchen!!

I wanted a quick snack and got out peanut butter to spread on plain crackers. We store crackers in plastic boxes to keep them fresh and usually have several kinds on hand. I took one bite and wondered why the peanut butter had overtones of pizza. It was totally unexpected. Sniffing the crackers in the box, I knew. The last crackers stored there had been Focaccia with rosemary and olive oil. I remember seeing the box in the dishwasher, but the intensive odor of rosemary still permeated the plastic and inserted undue influence on plain crackers.

I can think of one solution. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on the crackers, top with pepperoni, and bake in a hot oven. That might be dinner for the next two weeks.

052017  Cracker override.JPG
Two different crackers.   Same taste due to polluted plastic.

23 thoughts on “Peanut Butter on Pizza

  1. Anne,
    A long time ago, in the 1970s maybe, there used to be an old couple who lived in my native place. They had children who lived in the US and Canada. As kids my sister and I would be allowed to explore their kitchen. The old couple didn’t mind- we were relatives of sorts. Anyway their kitchen was so like yours and come to think of it the couple looked so much like you and John. They stored crackers( we called them biscuits, English style) in plastic boxes like you do too. And they had all sorts of marvels in their house, all brought from the US. It was a magic house for me and my sister. I was reminded of those times when I read this post.
    They had huge boxes of crayons, which they used to give us to color- we must have been around Logan’s age. I think Logan must be thinking yours is a magical house too, lots of fun and activities for him.


    1. Your thoughts made me smile. I think our house is a bit magical for Logan. The boys’ toys lure him over, and he especially likes to come when David and Nathaniel are here. John is a big attraction, too. The old man and the lad enjoy playing checkers together and reading books. Logan plays games on John’s computer, too. I won’t let him on mine, because I have too much to lose. He knows where the sodas are and how to ask sweetly for popcorn and milk.

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