Treats of Seeds and Nuts

I read recently that birds would eat cantaloupe seeds. We have melon fairly often, since we all enjoy it, so why not put the seeds on the deck? Hoping they didn’t need to be roasted, I cleaned them and scattered them outside. It didn’t take long for song sparrows and Eastern towhees to help themselves. Tufted titmice used the spread as a fast food takeaway. Doves would have won an eating contest, since they practically swallowed the seeds whole.

I thought a mockingbird was coming for food, but he took a bath instead. I’ve seen birds flick a bit of water over themselves, but this bird meant business. He shimmied and shook, then flipped himself violently. It looked like he did a cartwheel, using his beak rather than hands. He was facing the opposite direction when he landed. He looked like a drowned mouse, and he didn’t seem to fly very well, either. It was the first time I’d seen an extreme bath routine worthy of a reality show.

Treats outside were one thing, but what we had inside was quite another. Nathaniel reads more recipes than I do, and he found the instructions for a Pecan Praline Layer Cake. Making it took hours from his two days off. I took a photo when he was finally satisfied with it.

071317 Pecan Praline Layer Cake.jpg

The filling had tons of nuts, and the frosting was decorated with candied pecans. Before we cut it, I took a shot of the hungry men. The taste of the dessert lived up to its appearance. It was scrumptious.

071317 N JC D ready to eat Pecan Praline Layer Cake.jpg

We spoke to neighbor Bob and son Logan (7) the other day as they passed us while we walked. John said we’d missed seeing Logan and hoped he’d come over to play. As soon as his parents gave permission, the boy streaked over here. I saw him flying up our front steps and pushing the button of the defunct doorbell. He was through the door as soon as it was opened wide enough to let him through. In three seconds he shed his shoes, jumped up, pointed toward the living room, and said, “I want to play checkers with David.”

They played three games before having a short war with Nerf guns. Last, they pitted themselves against a computer game with motorcycles and loud explosions. Logan had control of the keyboard, with David giving advice on the side. When Bob called for Logan to come home, David turned the sound off and had the computer to himself to hone his game. I asked if Logan had improved with checkers, and David said, “Yes! He’s much better than he was at Christmas. He won one game, and I won two.”

071417 David and Logan play a computer game.jpg

It was lovely to have the house energized again with Logan’s enthusiasm.

29 thoughts on “Treats of Seeds and Nuts

  1. What a great job he did with the cake! I can’t imagine how delicious it was and he decorated it beautifully.


  2. The cake looks beautiful as good as a professionally made one. Nathaniel should go on ” Chopped” at some time. Does he aim to have a restaurant of his own ?
    I am glad you found out that birds love melon seeds. I am going to try giving them to our birds here too. Is summer almost over ?


    1. Nathaniel has a dream of owning a bakery. In school he baked cookies, pies, and cakes, but he has done only cakes here at our house. He also grills meat here, starting the charcoal fire and cooking the meat.

      No, summer is not almost over. We’re just moving into the hottest part of the year. Thankfully, it’s cooler in the mountains than in lower areas, especially at night. We’ve been running the air conditioner in the middle of the day and cutting it off at night.

      I’d love to know if your birds will eat melon seeds. I cut another large cantaloupe tonight and saved the seeds.

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  3. Nice having a busy household and a gourmet baker. Cherish the moments. Thought of another title for your blog, “As Logan Grows.” !00+ heat index the past two days with wild storms in the evening. Only have to water the plants on the porch, saving an hour that I usually spend on everything else. It’s summer Anne, have yet to hear of a milk shake trip.


    1. I like your idea for the blog title. If we saw more of Logan, I’d be tempted to change it. This reminded me of something that happened in the office. I constantly had my photos on the monitor as the screen saver. People rarely commented on them, but I found out they were noticed. John brought our grandsons to the office because we were going somewhere together. The computer man walked down the hall toward my desk, and he exclaimed, “These are the boys I’ve watched growing up.”

      That’s too bad that your weather is so fierce. We are getting little storms, but our temperature hasn’t climbed above 85 yet. You comment reminds me to be grateful for what we have.

      My milkshake friend, the one who started all the attention in the first place, will be coming back here to stay with her son and family several times next month. She hasn’t been back since she moved a year ago. Your comment reminds me that we’ll have to plan a milkshake outing. Thanks for the nudge.


  4. It never would have occurred to me that birds would eat melon seeds! Very ecological solution to ‘what-to-do-with-these-things’! The cake looks AMAZING – even to this non-nut appreciator. But for pecan lovers I can just see the whole bunch of you moaning in unison, “Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm!!”


    1. I now have more melon seeds for the birds. I’ll put them out where the sun will hit them tomorrow. The big question is, will the squirrel like them? I shoo the squirrel away when he climbs on the feeder. I know he needs to eat, but he gets plenty when I’m not on duty.

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  5. What a perfect post…great tip about the seeds. I have cantaloupe quite often and will save the seeds now. Thanks so much! Loved the look of the cake. Beautiful! Nerf wars…my grandsons love them and have them all the time. I enjoy your posts Anne…once again, I feel like I visited a good neighbor.


    1. We cut another cantaloupe yesterday, and it’s time to put out more seeds. The birds have eaten the first batch I scattered for them.

      How are your Nerf guns holding up? Ours belonged to our grandsons, so they are at least 10 years old. The guns are beginning to malfunction, and the ammo is fragile. Soon we’ll have to make a decision about getting some new things. The boys seem to think they are pricey. If so, we probably won’t replace them. Our grandsons are here only for the summer, and neighbor Logan wouldn’t enjoy the guns by himself.

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      1. My grandsons are 11, 8 and 5. A few of the nerf guns are new this year. They have big wars with their Dad…and when I go to their house I see the ‘ammo’ everywhere. I know one of them was quite expensive, but was a special birthday gift.

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    1. Another cake will be started today! Nathaniel has offered to do a chocolate cake for Logan’s birthday. Logan’s mother was ill on his real birthday, and we said we’d have a celebration at a later date at our house. There won’t be time for Nate to spend two days on it. I can guarantee it will be delicious.


  6. Nathaniel’s cake looks perfect. My SIL’s speciality is Pecan Praline Layer Cake! I tell you, these people who can bake like this are angels on earth. Yum.


    1. We made Nathaniel’s cake last for four days. It took great fortitude to have it only once a day. He made a chocolate cake for an occasion, and the party was postponed. Tonight we’re going to wrestle it into the freezer, that is, if N agrees. He has reservations about it, thinking the cake will be ruined. I wouldn’t ask him to make another next week, and I certainly wouldn’t bake one while he is in the house. My cakes are edible, but they are in a different category from his.

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