Tall Order Cook

With our grandsons here this summer, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. One of the first things we had for breakfast was my favorite – Egg MacMehrling. It’s a takeoff of McDonald’s McMuffin. John and I usually have it at least once a week. It was the first item to be removed from the menu. Being a short-order cook became a tall order because I know too much. I remembered everyone’s preferences, which was paralyzing. They understood why we weren’t going to have it often when I listed the components and choices for the four of us.


English muffin – 1 barely warmed, 1 lightly toasted, 2 toasted to a rigid crispness

Butter – 2 with, 2 without

Cheese – 3 cheddar, 1 pepper Jack

Meat – 1 limp bacon, 1 crisp bacon, 1 hot sausage, 1 flexible but not there to choose

Egg – 2 with runny yolks, 2 like hockey pucks


Why anyone would cook for a living is beyond me.

21 thoughts on “Tall Order Cook

  1. With Pete and I it’s veggies that present the challenge. We each have veggies we like and veggies we loathe. The problem is the ones I like are in his loathe list and vice versa, so every meal has “his” and “hers.” But of course, that’s how we’ve stayed married for 32 years. LOL

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  2. You are so nice to provide for picky eaters, lol! Maybe it will be different with grandkids, but we made our kids eat what we ate or go hungry. (Most of the time 😂)


    1. We were basically eating the same thing, but with variations. I didn’t prepare separate things for lunch or dinner. Our children were not catered to as much. I’m in the mode of treating everyone as a guest, since we have people coming to stay all during the year.


  3. LOL Anne! I remember when our kids were at home….everyone wanted the eggs and bacon done differently. I am going to have to remember the “hockey puck egg” I have some that like them that way also. My husband says I spoil the kids when they come home because I try make all their favorite foods. I think it is fun…..on a short term basis!
    Keep spoiling those grandkids. My motto has always been “If you feed them….they will come.”


    1. I’m glad you spoil your children now. I do the same. I’ve trained Lise to make a list of things she’d like to have when she is here. She comes for Thanksgiving, and I like having her favorites in the house so I don’t have to think of them. The other two come at odd times and for shorter periods.

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      1. I love to spoil them! In fact this weekend I am heading to babysit the granddaughter for a few days. I plan to take banana bread as the last time they were here I didn’t have any made! Of course the grandkids asked if I had any and I had to let them down……so sad. I told them I would bring some when I came so I baked a couple days ago and I am ready!


  4. You are a good person. I would have people manning the toaster to help out! I remember one time when our granddaughters came to visit. They were around 6. I checked with step-daughter who said they will eat what we eat. (Yes, I know, silly!) My husband did the shopping. He bought pastrami and swiss for lunch sandwiches. Guess what they don’t eat? After that I asked my grandma friends for suggestions on what to carry. Turns out they were pretty typical with mac and cheese and chicken fingers.


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