Tall Order Cook

With our grandsons here this summer, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. One of the first things we had for breakfast was my favorite – Egg MacMehrling. It’s a takeoff of McDonald’s McMuffin. John and I usually have it at least once a week. It was the first item to be removed from the menu. Being a short-order cook became a tall order because I know too much. I remembered everyone’s preferences, which was paralyzing. They understood why we weren’t going to have it often when I listed the components and choices for the four of us.


English muffin – 1 barely warmed, 1 lightly toasted, 2 toasted to a rigid crispness

Butter – 2 with, 2 without

Cheese – 3 cheddar, 1 pepper Jack

Meat – 1 limp bacon, 1 crisp bacon, 1 hot sausage, 1 flexible but not there to choose

Egg – 2 with runny yolks, 2 like hockey pucks


Why anyone would cook for a living is beyond me.

21 thoughts on “Tall Order Cook

  1. With Pete and I it’s veggies that present the challenge. We each have veggies we like and veggies we loathe. The problem is the ones I like are in his loathe list and vice versa, so every meal has “his” and “hers.” But of course, that’s how we’ve stayed married for 32 years. LOL

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    1. We were basically eating the same thing, but with variations. I didn’t prepare separate things for lunch or dinner. Our children were not catered to as much. I’m in the mode of treating everyone as a guest, since we have people coming to stay all during the year.


  2. LOL Anne! I remember when our kids were at home….everyone wanted the eggs and bacon done differently. I am going to have to remember the “hockey puck egg” I have some that like them that way also. My husband says I spoil the kids when they come home because I try make all their favorite foods. I think it is fun…..on a short term basis!
    Keep spoiling those grandkids. My motto has always been “If you feed them….they will come.”


    1. I’m glad you spoil your children now. I do the same. I’ve trained Lise to make a list of things she’d like to have when she is here. She comes for Thanksgiving, and I like having her favorites in the house so I don’t have to think of them. The other two come at odd times and for shorter periods.

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      1. I love to spoil them! In fact this weekend I am heading to babysit the granddaughter for a few days. I plan to take banana bread as the last time they were here I didn’t have any made! Of course the grandkids asked if I had any and I had to let them down……so sad. I told them I would bring some when I came so I baked a couple days ago and I am ready!


  3. You are a good person. I would have people manning the toaster to help out! I remember one time when our granddaughters came to visit. They were around 6. I checked with step-daughter who said they will eat what we eat. (Yes, I know, silly!) My husband did the shopping. He bought pastrami and swiss for lunch sandwiches. Guess what they don’t eat? After that I asked my grandma friends for suggestions on what to carry. Turns out they were pretty typical with mac and cheese and chicken fingers.


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