Walking Styles

Mornings were misty last week, while the temperatures were moderate. A first for me was seeing neighbors Bob and Logan walk to the bus stop. I tugged the toy camera from my pocket and tried a quick shot. Since I can’t do two things at once – walk and take photos – it’s amazing this came out as well as it did. Bob was looking back, probably making sure Logan was keeping up.

092917 1 Bob and Logan walk to the bus.jpg

Dog Dolly led the way to the top of our street, and Bob put the leash on her. I could never have caught up with them, but I would have seen Logan get on the bus if I hadn’t stopped to chat with neighbor Joyce on her way to work. Meanwhile, Logan ran ahead of his dad with all the exuberance of youth. I wouldn’t have bet on either one to win. Both walking styles were in the fast zone.

092917 2  Bob and Logan.jpg

Joyce said she finished building a fire pit in her yard and let me know she and her guest would be using it for the first time. I missed this inaugural event, but I was glad to know to expect smoke in the future.

John drove us on the Blue Ridge Parkway to take the scenic route home from church. We pulled into several over-look areas for the views, and the last one had a man flying a huge kite. He was already pulling it in when we stopped to watch. He wrapped the line several times around his gloved hand before shaking the other hand free and pulling it down. It took a long time for this hand-over-hand action to bring the kite to the ground. I didn’t know what the camera captured until I put it on the monitor. I saw a very tall man with his hands in his pockets, tripping down the sky-road in his dark, pointy shoes. Now that is a distinctive walk if I ever saw one!

100117 Kite strolls through sky

27 thoughts on “Walking Styles

    1. We went to Greenwich, but we didn’t go to that church. That’s wonderful that you went there. When we were in England, we heard the most fantastic choirs all over the island. Many Americans haven’t a clue that they exist.

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      1. Someone once said, you always go back to your place of birth, although my husband, born in NY, loved it too and said he’d go back in a minute. However, we’re here for his mom. I think the south is just a very special place.

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  1. Anne,
    Great post- nice topic for a post- walking styles.
    The long legged strides of Logan’s dad, the quick runny style of Logan and the sprinting style of Dolly and the serene style of the photographer.
    The kite looked like it was posing to be put into the picture.


  2. Beautiful Kite Ann. Caught just at that perfect moment.
    A truly lovely read. Was sorry that you didn’t get to see the firepit lit. That would have made a fabulous photo.
    But …. there’s always another day.

    Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. xxx


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