Deviated Day

Six days a week we follow the same format. We walk to the creek, chat while eating breakfast, shower, and veg in front of our computers. Today we turned things around. The weather turned cool overnight, and it was almost to the freezing point when we got up. There was no chance of perspiring while walking. We showered and drove to the Belly Truck in Waynesville. Neighbors Shawn and Bob’s daughter-in-law Ashley owns the business. We had lunch there once when Nathaniel was with us. Today we went for breakfast. Breakfast needs its own paragraph, see below. We ate beside the creek near the Rec Center, took a fairly brisk walk by the stream, and did our weekly grocery shopping at Ingles.

Ashley said she had a rough start because she didn’t have heat in the truck, as she thought she would have. The biscuits would not be ready for ten more minutes. We waited in our car, though I wish I’d thought of walking instead of sitting. Ashley bounded out of the truck and apologized for the wait as she handed us our food. I said I was sure it was worth waiting for. Golly! I didn’t know what I was talking about! John had bacon, egg and cheese on his biscuit. I had gravy on mine. It was absolutely divine. Although I didn’t grow up with them, biscuits and gravy are a Southern specialty. The gravy is made of crumbled sausage in a white sauce. Ashley’s biscuit was huge, and her gravy was perfect – steaming hot with a perfect kick of pepper. She also had melted cheese on the biscuit. I’m thrilled that we had this special breakfast before she closed for the season.

I didn’t think to take a picture of our food. The little red camera would have reminded me, but the phone was mute. It’s probably like me and can do only one101717 View from Ingles parking lot.jpg thing at a time. On the other hand, it did think of taking a shot of the mountains from the parking lot at the supermarket. Maybe it’s just old, slow, and forgetful. John often speaks of what a beautiful view there is from Ingles. He is surprised the land was not used for very expensive condos right there in town. I should have walked down a bit beyond the cars, but the Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream would not have been forgiving.

It was very satisfying to have a turned-around day that included a delicious breakfast and a walk by the stream.

37 thoughts on “Deviated Day

        1. I’m glad you’ve had biscuits and gravy. I first had them about three years ago. Ashley will close because it will soon be too cold for her to cook in the truck. Also, no one will sit at the outdoor picnic tables to eat.

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    1. Having lived in England two years, I knew your biscuits were our cookies. What I can’t remember is what our biscuits would be over there. I think we agree on gravy, don’t we? Our breakfast had a savory sauce based on sausage.

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      1. I think, David, that the American Biscuits are a little like our Yorkshire Puddings … only instead of being the big, risen dish shaped Yorkshires, they’re more flat and dense. A little like Yorkshire puddings which haven’t had enough air whisked into them so haven’t risen.

        At least, I think they’re like that, from a discussion I had a while back with an American gal I ‘met’ on an internet game. We talked both of our different items over and came to the conclusion that they were our Yorky Puds – just flatter – the thickness of around 1cm.

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        1. That settles it! You’ll just have to come over and eat breakfast biscuits here! Now that I’ve thought about it again, I think I’d say American biscuits are like savory scones, usually cut with a round cutter.

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              1. Ohhhh that’s just so sad. You’ll have to make them and introduce them to people Anne. See if they can become popular with folks.
                You’ll be invited to all sorts of things in the hope that you’ll bring your sausage rolls with you. lol. ~ Cobs. x

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  1. Yum. I love biscuits and gravy. I’m not truly southern but I’m close enough to know how to make biscuits and gravy, something I haven’t done in ages. But getting back to you, your morning sounds lovely. Good for you.


    1. Our whole day was as good as the start. One of these days, when I have the proper audience, I’m going to make gravy for biscuits. We have biscuits often, but I’ve never tried the sausage gravy. Most of our guests prefer bacon to sausage. *sigh*

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  2. A bit of a change is as good as a holiday (vacation). It only takes a small change in the way we do things to brighten the day and make things feel fabulous for us.

    Routine is brilliant, for it helps to get things done in the right way and within the right time. But it’s great to break out now and again and just do it a little different.

    I bet it felt almost naughty. Like playing hooky from school.
    You little pair of rascals! lol.
    Sending squidges ~Cobs. xxx


  3. With an Eye Dr. appointment 35 miles away in Berlin we make a 1/2 day out of it and usually head to Delaware, no tax state, for some shopping. After the Dr., up Rt. 113 we went to head to BJ’s, big box store. A stop at the Frankford Family Diner was made to satisfy the stomach growls. I had the Chicken Fried Steak, the first in many years. The last time I splurged for that meal like that was in Williamsburg, VA with someone who’s been dead for over five years, so it’s been awhile. Like your biscuit, my steak was covered in that Southern Staple of Sausage Gravy. I’ll get to the gym tomorrow and walk off a bit of the bulge on the treadmill. Have a great day, and hi to the train man.

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    1. Sounds like you had a nice outing. I can’t think when I last had chicken fried steak — years, I’m sure. Train man is watching a video on Martin Luther right now. He’ll be using it to lead a Sunday School class next month.


  4. There is so much about this post to love. The biscuits and gravy, for one! Ingle’s for another–I fell in love with that store when we stayed outside of Asheville. It reminded me of Publix in Florida, only much better. And..the extreme moose tracks. Mmmmmmmmm.


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