Girls’ Weekend

Niece Julie mentioned that her group of childhood friends were planning a girls’ weekend in the mountains, so we offered our house as the venue. I was sure that a laughter-filled house would benefit us more than the savings would help them. They agreed to pose for a group picture before setting off to explore Waynesville.

111117 Girls weekend Chrissie Andrea Julie Barbara Kim.jpg

These young women grew up together in a small community near Charlotte. Their group jokes go back to Kindergarten, so they have a rich heritage. It slowly dawned on me that they were in and out of my brother’s house all the time. They saw him much more often than I did.

The horses that board in the pasture behind us were pleased to see us coming out with left-over apples. A chomp and a swallow took care of each offering.

111117 Barbara Kim Chrissie feed horses.jpg

There were no takers for sharing our morning walk. It was understandable. These ladies work hard all week and needed a morning without a schedule. We found that neighbors Connie and Dave, at the end of the street, provided a red carpet for our viewing pleasure. We would share that instead of exercise.

111117 Red carpet for Connie and Dave.jpg

22 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend

  1. You remind me so much of my aunt who used to have all the peoples in her house all the times. She got a kick out of them and we enjoyed having a save place to visit. Your niece and her friends are lucky women.


  2. Once again, you surely have a “gathering house”-what a testimony to your friendly personality. The carpet was beautiful and worth stopping for, You live in a beautiful territory. A lovely post to start my morning-thank you sweet Anne


  3. What fun. I have a few friends from early on in life and they are the friends I can go awhile and not hear from, and when we do reconnect it is like we have never parted for a moment. Distance might separate us, but our hearts are connected forever.


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