Celebrating Snow

The first thing I did with this December snow was to wonder at it. We probably don’t have a number big enough to estimate how many flakes fell on our property. It boggles the mind to know each flake is different. I stood outside, picked one flake as high up as I could see, and watched it float down to see where it would land. You could hypnotize yourself doing that. I wanted to ask the old oak tree, “How many snow storms have you seen? What were things like 200 years ago?”

120917 Old oak tree.jpg

When the snow was almost over, I measured it and tasted it. The green ruler showed we had eight inches on the deck. You need children for snow cream, but I made do with my inner childish self. I piled fresh snow in a bowl and added sugar and vanilla flavoring. I was surprised it became icy and a bit crunchy. It would have been better if I had remembered the recipe and put in a bit of milk. I wondered what would happen if you substituted confectioner’s sugar, honey, or molasses for the sugar. Would adding Coca Cola sweeten and flavor it? Would cardamom and almond flavoring appeal to our Norwegian relatives? I could have sprinkled four spices on it and called it pumpkin spice for daughter Lise. She might have liked it flavored with cranberry/raspberry juice, too. I’ll bet the grandsons would have opted for root beer. Shrimp and cocktail sauce, anyone?


No snow storm is complete without proof of what you saw. There was a beautiful shot in any direction you turned.


When I tired of having my mind boggled, I ended with laughing at odd sculptures.  Even clothes pins had topknots.


This was a most satisfying snow, especially considering we were promised half an inch.

120817 Snow on front steps.jpg

42 thoughts on “Celebrating Snow

  1. You took our snow!!! We were supposed to get 7-14 inches, but only got about 5. Still, seeing how appreciative you are of it makes me think you deserve it. Thanks for sharing the fun images. I would love to try each of your snow recipes. For comparing purposes, of course 🙂

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  2. I wish we here in Montreal could share your sense of wonder. Here, when it snows like that, it’s just a major, major annoyance for people trying to get from point A to point B. Snow clearing trucks everywhere (finally after a day or two) snagging traffic which is slowed to a crawl anyway – woe to people who hadn’t yet had their winter tires put on. OH, and just getting your car out of a garage – shoveling, shoveling, shoveling. (Gasp) Having to move your car when snow clearing truck is about to come. Where to park?! Signs are everywhere. It’s hard. By February or March, oh heck, even by *January*, we’ve had it up to here. But you, you’re like this innocent snow virgin… LOL! So different where you are! Lovely, Anne, stay that way! ❤


    1. LOL, Ellie! I spent 21 years longing for snow in the South and 50 years grappling with it in New York. I am thrilled to be in a place where I can love it. BTW, there are a few years missing. My 75th birthday is coming soon.

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        1. December 22. We’re planning to go out to eat at some quiet place and pick up a free birthday cake. My miserly view of things makes this a perfect plan. One grandson will be here and possibly our son. I prefer visiting in small groups. What’s the best birthday you ever had?

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          1. A *free* birthday cake?!?! Wow, good deal!! Oh, my best was absolutely 2 years ago when I turned 70! My two kids planned the whole thing – I gave them the invite list of around 25 people – family & close friends including my work pals. We had an excellent Italian dinner in a really nice resto. AND they collaborated on a video of my life! Heh, they showed it on a big screen, it was full of stills/snapshots from all sorts of milestones of me at various ages and times. Amazing! And so lovely to be in the company of people I love! – that’s easily the most important part!! I’m sure you’ll have a great time on your special day!!!


            1. The free cake coupon came in a Christmas card from my favorite supermarket. Chocolate cake and chocolate icing! Your best birthday must have been fantastic! Your children did a marvelous job. Thanks for writing about it.

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  3. How beautiful everything looks in the snow. We had our first snow overnight.such a magical sight when we drew back the curtains. I literally jumped out of bed and ran to the field gate to see the view. I never tire of that scene. Enjoy your birthday celebrations. Love karen x


  4. I might have to try that snow flavouring with my class if we get snow. I am currently hoping not as I’ll actually have to drive to work for the next week!


  5. Anne, it’s glorious! We also have about four inches here in Southern New Jersey. I had to document it also and walked around outside with my camera. Your snow ice cream sounds fun!


      1. I have several I brought in as cuttings, they are starting to thrive. Side leaves mean the plant is super healthy and happy!


        1. I brought in all seven of my plants. When your batting average is that awful, you have to do something drastic. I sincerely hope my poor plants are happy, after all this time. It’s just a little thank you for your generosity.


  6. beautiful!! Oh I hope for snow myself! We make snow cream too-once I was out of some ingredients and used jello=and it worked! I bet your ideas would work! you will have enough to experiment- best wishes! love Michele


  7. I love the peacefulness of snow. I miss that. We would get it and they did get it in the part of Alabama I used to live in and in Colorado when we lived there. I don’t miss driving in it, but I do miss it. I can appreciate your childlike wonder at all it’s possibilities. Love your stories.


  8. Your snow looks so pretty. We still have a light layer, but the streets are bare which I appreciate. More coming I’m sure. I enjoyed your philosophical conversation with the beautiful oak tree. If but trees could talk!


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